Project 366: jan.19

And a bonus picture of our crazy weather. Our poor trees are very heavy with ice and snow. Their pants are sagging. I'm a little worried that one (or more) will fall on the power lines. Not really worried about them falling on our house (although that would SUCK) though, because the really big trees are far enough from our house that they probably wouldn't hit it.

And yes, parts of the country get bad weather every year, multiple times a year. And yes, Seattle does essentially shut down when we get winter weather and we're kind of wimps about it. But seriously, try living in unincorporated King county where the Public Works dept never comes out to plow your neighborhood and you just have to navigate the hills that have been snowed on, then frozen, then partially melted, then snowed on, then frozen again, and so on and so on. It isn't very fun. So here we sit, snowbound and thankful that we both have jobs that allow us to VPN in and work virtually when necessary!


Project 366: jan.17

(I realized today that my camera isn't set for daylight savings time, so my previous pictures were all noted as an hour later than they really were. Oops!)

17 days in, and I realize how repetitious this project might get...especially during the week. We may see a lot of the same picture themes repeated, well, a lot. Our weekdays are just not all that different from each other, and there are really limited daylight hours for us right now!

Oh well, we'll see where this takes us! If nothing else, I'll have a great journal of seeing Wyatt's growth throughout the year. :)


Project 366 catch up

I was able to find iPhone pics for all the other days of the year so far except for one! So here they are, my first 2 weeks (except for one day) in Project 366. Warning: photo dump ahead. :)


hello again and Project 366

Oh hello. Is this thing on?

Guess I kind of fell off the blogging wagon there right at the home stretch of 2011 and I missed my goal of beating my 2010 post count. Oh well, there were holidays to be enjoyed, babies to snuggle, family to love and visit with...the usual end of year rush.

What's in store for 2012? Who knows, honestly. It's tough for me to commit to blogging regularly. Obviously, right? So I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself, and hopefully that's okay with you out there. :)

I do have a lot to catch you up on, but in the meantime here it is January 14 and I've decided (ummm...2 weeks late!) that I would like to start a Project 366. That is, take a photo every day for all 366 days of this leap year. And guess what? There's no way I'll make 366 since I'm just starting on Jan 14 and it appears that I've only picked up my camera one other day so far this year. Oh well, no big. Not going to beat myself up about it. I may have some suitable pictures on my phone that I can use, but I'm feeling a bit lazy to plug my phone in and download those pictures so that will have to wait until another day.

Where am I getting inspiration for this project, you ask? Well from this totally awesome blog and from this one as well.

I'll probably share photos on a weekly basis. Or maybe I'll end up posting every single day without much additional commentary. Who knows! I'd like to keep doing the week in iPhone photos as well, but I've been a total slacker on pulling out my phone lately. Bad Laura!

Anyway, here are my first 2 Project 366 photos for this year (please excuse the bad nutrition on display tonight - we're trying to get better for our sake and for Wyatt's!).

Here's to a year of photos!