YouTube Tuesday: Blind Pilot

This past Friday we were lucky enough to go to a Blind Pilot concert at the Neptune Theater. It was amazeballs. The venue was fairly small and all open admission. The band's performance was phenomenal - they sounded just as good live as they do on their albums! At the very end they unplugged, came down off the stage and into the crowd and sang their very popular song 3 Rounds and a Sound accoustically. It was magical, to say the least.

The song below is the title song from their most recent album, and to quote Karl "this song just makes you happy to be alive". They positively jammed this one at the concert. It was so much fun!

My only complaints about the concert all relate to me getting older...they didn't come on until 10:30 and their were no seats in the venue so I had to stand all night. My feet were so sore by the time the concert wrapped up! I have a feeling Blind Pilot is just going to keep getting bigger though, so next time they come to town they'll probably be in bigger venues and we'll be feeling so lucky to have seen them when they were still relatively small and tickets were cheap!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! :) They were so awesome in concert. Thanks Cutie for getting the tickets and finding out about the show! I won't ever forget how great the show was with you beside me.