our week in iPhone pics - Nov 19

A week late is better than never, right? I got a little distracted and realized that I never put up our week in iPhone pics from 2 weeks ago. Oops! Here we go!

monday: My mom was here, and she was in the mood for some thrifting so a-thrifting we went. Wyatt was in the mood for not wanting to sit in the cart or be held, so I chased him through the first thrift store and then decided that we'd play in the car while Mom visited the 2nd one on her own. Then my brother and his family came over to pick Mom up and we had a nice visit (WyBear, as usual, loved on my brother the entire time he was here!).

tuesday: Little man had a big day on Tuesday. A play date with his BFF, Presley, and a vaccine...it's almost too much to handle! :) At the play date there was much toy stealing, chasing and screaming. You know, a typical day for a couple of 16 month old toddlers.

wednesday: Enjoying breakfast, a cute little tushie, playing with the birthday dog, resisting a nap and then putting Mr. Turkey into his pre-Thanksgiving brine.

thursday: Turkey Day! Lots of fun was had over at my brother's house, including lots of cuddling with Uncle Philip. I can't get over how fast my nieces and nephews are growing up!!

friday: We didn't intend to go out on Black Friday, but when you are out of tp and kitty litter you kind of don't have a choice. So off to Target we went, and Wy was obviously unimpressed. Then the weather was so awesome that we went on a family walk.

So that was our week, 2 weeks ago. How was yours?

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