I hope to get our Christmas cheer on this weekend, and one thing I REALLY want to do is something we never got around to doing last year...a homemade ornament that memorializes how little our WyBear is at this particular time in his life. So what's a girl to do? Why, turn to Pinterest of course!

Here is my inspiration for this year's ornaments, all found on Pinterest:

sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Now the real question is, will Wyatt cooperate in this endeavor??


Dec 7, 2011...

...a day that will life in infamy...because my niece turns 16! Look out, drivers of Washington, we've got a new one out there!! ;)

Just kidding, I'm actually quite positive that she'll be an amazing driver.

So happy Sweet Sixteen to my sweet, funny, smart, gorgeous niece. I can still vividly remember the day you were born - I was a senior in high school and they called me down to the principal's office during class. I was like "Dude, what's the deal? I haven't done anything wrong!" and they were like "Congratulations, Aunt Laura! It's a girl!". Took me a few seconds to comprehend what they were saying, but then I was so very excited!

We love you, Maranda!

Wordless Wednesday: fun at the park


YouTube Tuesday: Blind Pilot

This past Friday we were lucky enough to go to a Blind Pilot concert at the Neptune Theater. It was amazeballs. The venue was fairly small and all open admission. The band's performance was phenomenal - they sounded just as good live as they do on their albums! At the very end they unplugged, came down off the stage and into the crowd and sang their very popular song 3 Rounds and a Sound accoustically. It was magical, to say the least.

The song below is the title song from their most recent album, and to quote Karl "this song just makes you happy to be alive". They positively jammed this one at the concert. It was so much fun!

My only complaints about the concert all relate to me getting older...they didn't come on until 10:30 and their were no seats in the venue so I had to stand all night. My feet were so sore by the time the concert wrapped up! I have a feeling Blind Pilot is just going to keep getting bigger though, so next time they come to town they'll probably be in bigger venues and we'll be feeling so lucky to have seen them when they were still relatively small and tickets were cheap!


family pictures

Here are a few pictures of our little family from this past weekend. One of these 3 is going to be our Christmas card photo. Can you guess which one?

Wyatt is 16.5 months old. I can't even believe it!


our week in iPhone pics - Nov 26

This last week was quite a week, with lot of fun stuff going on! So let's get to it!

saturday: We got up early and met our friends so that we could take our kids to see Santa at a horse rescue place, and decided to support Small Business Saturday by stopping at a coffee stand on the way. :) Then we had lots of fun visiting with Santa and his horses until the WyBear wore himself completely out. Then Wy and I drove up to my brother's house to pick up my mom for part 2 of her visit while Karl stayed home to put the Christmas lights up on the outside of our house. That evening my mom and I got our craft on by starting a snowman project (final details of that project coming soon!).

sunday: Some cuteness from the pup, some cuddling with Grandma Marcia, a giant kitty (who is actually our lightest pet, he just looks huge because of all the fur), then some tooth brushing fun. No joke, this kid LOVES to brush his teeth!

monday: Kind of light on the pictures today, huh? Well let's see, what did we do? I dropped mi madre off at the airport, worked and then got to see Wyatt playing with the sand table at the end of the day.

tuesday: I just can't resist taking pictures of the little buddy when he's asleep. He just looks like an angel, I love it. I actually have to restrain myself from pinching his cheeks and smooshing him with kisses while he's sleeping. :)Then once he woke up, cuteness ensued. And that evening he got CRAZY happy during bath time. That face right there? Pure bliss.

wednesday: On Wednesday evening we had to go to the mall, and they had one of those things with the heads cut out so you can stick your face in the hole and take a funny picture. Umm, this is as good as we got. Oops. Then Wyatt got introduced to the wide world of food court food. And he was a fan.

thursday: I am slightly obsessed with these tiny yellow leaves against the dark grey pebbles outside of my office. Ob. Sessed. Then at lunchtime little WyBear was feeling very sensitive and not at all interested in sharing toys with the other kids. It's so difficult to be a toddler!

friday: Oh Friday, you were truly a TGIF this week! I left work a little early and arrived at daycare just as they were getting ready for afternoon recess. Wyatt apparently loves recess more than anything else, as evidenced by his choosing to look longingly out the window at the playground rather than at his mama who'd just arrived! Who am I to deny him his happiness, so we went outside and played for a bit before heading home (and oh my, the TEARS when I decided it was time to head home!). There were some cool clouds in the sky on the drive home, then we packed Wy up and took him to the sitter's house while we headed to the U-District for a date night. A friend from work recommended Chaco Canyon as a good and relatively fast place to eat, and man alive does my friend know my tastes because I kind of wanted to bottle up this entire place and take it home with me. I foresee some repeat visits here. Then we headed to the Neptune for a Blind Pilot concert. And. It. Was. Awesome. So awesome that I have a post scheduled for Tuesday to talk more about it. :)

So that was our week! How was yours?

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our week in iPhone pics - Nov 19

A week late is better than never, right? I got a little distracted and realized that I never put up our week in iPhone pics from 2 weeks ago. Oops! Here we go!

monday: My mom was here, and she was in the mood for some thrifting so a-thrifting we went. Wyatt was in the mood for not wanting to sit in the cart or be held, so I chased him through the first thrift store and then decided that we'd play in the car while Mom visited the 2nd one on her own. Then my brother and his family came over to pick Mom up and we had a nice visit (WyBear, as usual, loved on my brother the entire time he was here!).

tuesday: Little man had a big day on Tuesday. A play date with his BFF, Presley, and a vaccine...it's almost too much to handle! :) At the play date there was much toy stealing, chasing and screaming. You know, a typical day for a couple of 16 month old toddlers.

wednesday: Enjoying breakfast, a cute little tushie, playing with the birthday dog, resisting a nap and then putting Mr. Turkey into his pre-Thanksgiving brine.

thursday: Turkey Day! Lots of fun was had over at my brother's house, including lots of cuddling with Uncle Philip. I can't get over how fast my nieces and nephews are growing up!!

friday: We didn't intend to go out on Black Friday, but when you are out of tp and kitty litter you kind of don't have a choice. So off to Target we went, and Wy was obviously unimpressed. Then the weather was so awesome that we went on a family walk.

So that was our week, 2 weeks ago. How was yours?


nostalgia: I has it

I saw this video today, and suddenly I was back in our living room on Alden in Shawnee, KS watching The Muppets with my family.

Ahhh nostalgia. :) Now I can't wait for the Muppets movie to come out on DVD so I can see it!