Today, I am...

:: Loving our naturopathic physician for helping to keep us healthy in as natural and non-intrusive ways as possible.

:: Preparing for the Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. My contributions will be a local heritage turkey (raised by my good friend Angi...it doesn't get much more local than that!) and stuffing. Trying out the Pioneer Woman's brine this year instead of the Williams-Sonoma brine that I've always used in the past. P-Dub, don't fail me now!

:: Hoping that the teeth Wy is working on come through soon. He's still his typically happy and charming self, but he has a nasty bilateral ear infection and his diapers have been INSANE (sorry, TMI?). We are treating the ear infection with mullein-garlic ear drops and with an herbal tincture, at the guidance of our wonderful physician mentioned above.

:: Wondering if we should invest in a boat. It's been raining non-stop for days now, with no signs of stopping!

:: Trying not to feed my Pinterest addiction...too much. But man alive, there are just so many great ideas and inspiration on that site!

:: Getting excited for dinner tonight (found via Pinterest, naturally).

:: Wishing all of you a wonderful Wednesday!

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