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:: Blogging every single day is hard, yo! I thought it would really spark my creativity, but it’s feeling like much more of a chore than I expected. It would probably be easier if I took pictures of things other than just Wyatt so I could mix it up a bit.

:: My BFF had an electrical fire in her house last weekend. All sorts of things aligned to where they were very fortunate that they didn’t lose a lot more than they did, but it’s still a scary and stressful thing. So glad they are all okay!

:: I have been back to work for almost exactly 1 year. I do love my job, and I also really love being able to pay our bills (duh, right?), but man alive do I miss getting to spend more time with Wyatt during the week! The grass is always greener on the other side, you know.

:: Speaking of my little WyBear, he is going through a vocabulary EXPLOSION right now! Some of the words he’s saying consistently these days (I’m probably leaving some out, but this is what I can recall off the top of my head): mama, papa, WyWy, Henry, diaper, please, hello, hi, bye-bye, milk, agua (water in Spanish), done, more, night-night, all right, ball, belly, dog, cat, woof, meow, rawr and bubble. We’ve also heard him say the following on a less consistent basis: radio, I know, un (1 in French), deux (2 in French), uno (1 in Spanish), dos (2 in Spanish), brush teeth, Max, Hannah and ‘Atou (all friends from school). He says what sounds like “bite the bow” all the flippin’ time, and we can’t figure out what he means!

:: He also comprehends SO MUCH these days! I say arriba (up in Spanish) and he puts his hands up in the air…then I say abajo (down in Spanish) and he puts his hands down toward the ground! When asked where people are, he can point to mama, papa, grandma, Henry, Cooper, Hobbes, Wyatt and several of his friends in school. He can also point out a lot of his body parts – head, nose, mouth, teeth, eye, ear, belly button. If I tell him it’s time for a diaper change he’ll go over to the diaper basket, grab one (or two, usually) then head down the hall toward his room. When we get done eating, he likes to take his dishes from the table and put them into the dishwasher then shut the dishwasher door. He has almost mastered his shape sorter toy and wooden puzzles, but still gets frustrated if he can’t make the pieces fit right away. He takes my cell phone and puts it up to his ear/face and says “Hello, hello!” He’ll take a drink out of his sippy cup, say “Ahhhh!” and then hold it up to me to do the same. It’s almost indescribable how fun it is to see all of this cognitive ability develop!

:: He likes to climb on EVERYTHING, and gets mad when we don’t let him climb on things that would be dangerous for him. We repeat “No thank you! Feet on the floor!” an awful lot these days.

:: He loves to chase Henry and the kitties around the house. The animals, they don’t so much love it (but I guess it does give them good exercise!). Most of the time they just run away and it’s harmless, but Henry did nip him on the arm last week while being chased in the kitchen as I was trying to get our meal in the oven. It drew blood. I felt absolutely horrible and guilty for not keeping them apart better since I know that Henry has food aggression tendencies in the kitchen. Luckily, Wyatt forgave me. And the wound is healing nicely. And Henry (hopefully) seems to be behaving more cautiously around the baby bear.

:: Wyatt is a dance machine. This kids loooooooves to dance! Even if he’s nursing or sitting at the table eating, if we say “Dance Party!” he’ll start to shake his groove thing. It’s so cute.

:: Somehow this random blog post morphed from a what-am-I-doing list to an update on the boy. Ahh well, such is life these days. All paths lead to Wyatt, I suppose. There are worse things in life, right? :)

(photos from this past weekend when we went to a horse rescue to get Santa pictures taken....WyBear was a BIG fan of the horses!)

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