our week in iPhone pics - Oct 29

Happy end to another week! Is it just me, or do the days just fly by? Hope you aren't getting bored of multi-daily pics of our little WyBear, because he's pretty much what I'm obsessed with. :)

Here we go!

saturday: Umm, I cannot remember what we did last Saturday! Apparently Karl and Wy held hands during breakfast, but that's all I've got. Sorry. Laura fail.

sunday: Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Yum! Then we ran some errands and decided to wear nearly matching ball caps. Karl pulled out his Jack Skelington mask and we thought it would make for a funny picture if Wyatt was wearing it with his skeleton PJs. WyBear was not amused though. Then it was off to some friends house for dinner, playing and fro-yo!

monday: Happy Halloween! I only had 2 little trick or treaters come by my desk, so sadly this entire container of suckers is still taunting me with it's sugary ways. Karl captured this awesome rainbow by the Space Needle on his way home. I started my near daily obsession with taking car seat pictures of Wyatt while I'm stopped at red lights. I just want to know what his face looks like back there, since he's still rear facing! Time for trick or treating (i.e., walking around the block before it got too dark), then we let Wy try his first piece of candy. It was organic and artificial dye-free and HFCS-free, and he LOVED it.

tuesday: Another car seat/stop light pic - this one is so pensive. I love seeing cars powered by alternative fuels! We had an afternoon doctor's appointment for a 15-mo well baby exam, and WyBear had fun watching the fish and playing with his lion in the waiting area. Then a little bath time fun before bed (Notice the bruise in the middle of his forehead? He fought the door and the door won.)

wednesday: Wy was struggling in the morning, and he wanted to cuddle with his lion during the drive to daycare. Then he was pretty happy once we got there. Whew! When I showed up at 5:00 they were just wrapping up PM snack and Wy was demonstrating his fine motor skills by carefully putting his cheerios through the sippy cup hole one-by-one. A little water fountain fun, then the super rainy drive to my weekly knitting group.

thursday: Sleepy boys in the morning, then a sleepy boy at lunch time. I showed these waking up pictures to a friend of mine at work, and he said "That is the face of pain right there." Ha! He cheered up pretty quickly though, and then he enjoyed a little smoothie snack in the evening before heading home for the day.

friday: TGIF! The hills were so foggy on my drive in to work, Old Man Winter is definitely making his way to town. And then some daycare adorableness to wrap up this weekly recap.

So that was our week, how was yours?!

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