our week in iPhone pics - Nov 12

Getting this post up early today...go me! ;)

saturday: Continuing from last week, we started our day off down in Portland. I spelled out Wy's name in Lego's, then it was all about the cousins. After an AWESOME BBQ lunch (no pictures of that, too busy eating to think about snapping pics), we packed up and drove back home then we all went to bed early.

sunday: A little errand running, Jimmy John's subs (we thought it was just so-so, but Wy loved his turkey sandwich!) and an afternoon latte.

monday: A coworker made these adorable turkey cupcakes - how flippin' cute! Can you tell what all the parts are made of? This tea is one of my absolute favorites, so when it comes out at the holidays I totally stock up. And then a sleepy little kiddo in the produce section of the grocery store.

tuesday: A happy boy on the way to daycare, then when I got there his latest school pictures were ready! The first one is cute, the second one is hilarious (I wonder if the photographer asked for his "Mr. Skeptical" pose?). Some playing around at daycare, then it was time to head home so I could gather up a bunch of stuff to go see my friend Amy and her 2-day old daughter! Wy wasn't sure why I got out his old bassinet, but he sure did like playing in it for a few minutes before I packed it into the car. :) Little Fiona is a DOLL, and I love that I got to spend several hours with her and her momma that night!

wednesday: Pretty standard mid-week day - some morning coffee, some cuddling kitties and an adorable baby bear. Can't ask for much more than that!

thursday: Our kitchen and dining room are rarely this clean (especially at the same time!), so I had to snap a photo of it. That evening Wy was perfectly content playing in a sea of giant Lego's instead of packing up to head home, and then we were on our own for most of the evening since Karl had to work late so we had Wy's current favorite meal...lentil soup! He freaking loves that stuff, as evidenced by the 2nd and 3rd helping he had (note to self: probably should have put a bib on him for this meal).

friday: What a full day yesterday was! It started off with a cuddly Cooper in the morning and 2 sleepy boys, then I went to work for a bit before heading to the airport to pick up my mom for a visit! We had some noodles for lunch, then went to pick up the little one before heading home. He then proceeded to charm us both with his adorable antics for the rest of the evening.

So that's our week, how was yours? We're off to go have fun with Grandma Marcia for the rest of the weekend! :)

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