random updates

:: Blogging every single day is hard, yo! I thought it would really spark my creativity, but it’s feeling like much more of a chore than I expected. It would probably be easier if I took pictures of things other than just Wyatt so I could mix it up a bit.

:: My BFF had an electrical fire in her house last weekend. All sorts of things aligned to where they were very fortunate that they didn’t lose a lot more than they did, but it’s still a scary and stressful thing. So glad they are all okay!

:: I have been back to work for almost exactly 1 year. I do love my job, and I also really love being able to pay our bills (duh, right?), but man alive do I miss getting to spend more time with Wyatt during the week! The grass is always greener on the other side, you know.

:: Speaking of my little WyBear, he is going through a vocabulary EXPLOSION right now! Some of the words he’s saying consistently these days (I’m probably leaving some out, but this is what I can recall off the top of my head): mama, papa, WyWy, Henry, diaper, please, hello, hi, bye-bye, milk, agua (water in Spanish), done, more, night-night, all right, ball, belly, dog, cat, woof, meow, rawr and bubble. We’ve also heard him say the following on a less consistent basis: radio, I know, un (1 in French), deux (2 in French), uno (1 in Spanish), dos (2 in Spanish), brush teeth, Max, Hannah and ‘Atou (all friends from school). He says what sounds like “bite the bow” all the flippin’ time, and we can’t figure out what he means!

:: He also comprehends SO MUCH these days! I say arriba (up in Spanish) and he puts his hands up in the air…then I say abajo (down in Spanish) and he puts his hands down toward the ground! When asked where people are, he can point to mama, papa, grandma, Henry, Cooper, Hobbes, Wyatt and several of his friends in school. He can also point out a lot of his body parts – head, nose, mouth, teeth, eye, ear, belly button. If I tell him it’s time for a diaper change he’ll go over to the diaper basket, grab one (or two, usually) then head down the hall toward his room. When we get done eating, he likes to take his dishes from the table and put them into the dishwasher then shut the dishwasher door. He has almost mastered his shape sorter toy and wooden puzzles, but still gets frustrated if he can’t make the pieces fit right away. He takes my cell phone and puts it up to his ear/face and says “Hello, hello!” He’ll take a drink out of his sippy cup, say “Ahhhh!” and then hold it up to me to do the same. It’s almost indescribable how fun it is to see all of this cognitive ability develop!

:: He likes to climb on EVERYTHING, and gets mad when we don’t let him climb on things that would be dangerous for him. We repeat “No thank you! Feet on the floor!” an awful lot these days.

:: He loves to chase Henry and the kitties around the house. The animals, they don’t so much love it (but I guess it does give them good exercise!). Most of the time they just run away and it’s harmless, but Henry did nip him on the arm last week while being chased in the kitchen as I was trying to get our meal in the oven. It drew blood. I felt absolutely horrible and guilty for not keeping them apart better since I know that Henry has food aggression tendencies in the kitchen. Luckily, Wyatt forgave me. And the wound is healing nicely. And Henry (hopefully) seems to be behaving more cautiously around the baby bear.

:: Wyatt is a dance machine. This kids loooooooves to dance! Even if he’s nursing or sitting at the table eating, if we say “Dance Party!” he’ll start to shake his groove thing. It’s so cute.

:: Somehow this random blog post morphed from a what-am-I-doing list to an update on the boy. Ahh well, such is life these days. All paths lead to Wyatt, I suppose. There are worse things in life, right? :)

(photos from this past weekend when we went to a horse rescue to get Santa pictures taken....WyBear was a BIG fan of the horses!)


YouTube Tuesday: Caspar Babypants

Another fun kids song for this Tuesday's music selection. I don't really like to expose Wyatt to most songs on the radio these days, and I definitely don't need him listening to all of the commercials, so we typically listen to kid-friendly music in the car. Caspar Babypants is one of our favorites, and this song is a good one...especially considering our nickname for the WyBear. :)

Weird video. Good song.


Bye bye!

My mom headed home today after a long visit. We did a lot of shopping and, most importantly, spent a lot of quality time with the little one.

Thanks for coming, Mom! Safe flight home!

I had the focus all off on this one, but it was so cute I just had to share.


Lesson Learned

When you are letting your toddler have some diaper-free time to give his sore tushie a break (remember those insane diapers I mentioned a few days back?), I guess it's probably not the best idea to let him wear his expensive slippers at the same time. Good thing they clean up well!

Lesson learned, little one. Lesson learned.

Okay, gotta run!




You know how I mentioned my Pinterest addiction earlier? Yeah, well....I put my excessive pinning to use today and I made something!

I took the drippings from senor turkey (who was muy delicious, by the way)...

...and turned them into snack-o-lanterns!

I simply cut open our pumpkins, scooped out the guts then mixed them with some birdseed and a little bit of turkey drippings and voila...snack-o-lanterns!

Now it's just a matter of time to see what kind of woodland creatures (birds, squirrels, raccoons, etc) come take a snack. A certain 5-yr old pup would love to make them into his own personal Henry buffet, but I've got them in places where he can't reach. :)

Happy Friday!


Won't you lend a hand?

Just a friendly PSA to please help out those less fortunate than you, if you can. You never know when you might need that hand-out yourself, you know?

We personally like to support Northwest Harvest and Meals on Wheels at this time of the year.

We hope to start doing some more active volunteering as WyBear gets older, and are excited to instill in him a sense of giving and generosity. Just makes the heart feel good, not to mention it helps put healthy food in the bellies of those who otherwise may not be able to afford it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today we'll be celebrating with my mom and my brother and his family. Can't wait to eat some great food and enjoy being with our family!

A little humor should be injected into every holiday, right??!

images from here

May you and yours be with the ones you love today and always. :)



Today, I am...

:: Loving our naturopathic physician for helping to keep us healthy in as natural and non-intrusive ways as possible.

:: Preparing for the Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. My contributions will be a local heritage turkey (raised by my good friend Angi...it doesn't get much more local than that!) and stuffing. Trying out the Pioneer Woman's brine this year instead of the Williams-Sonoma brine that I've always used in the past. P-Dub, don't fail me now!

:: Hoping that the teeth Wy is working on come through soon. He's still his typically happy and charming self, but he has a nasty bilateral ear infection and his diapers have been INSANE (sorry, TMI?). We are treating the ear infection with mullein-garlic ear drops and with an herbal tincture, at the guidance of our wonderful physician mentioned above.

:: Wondering if we should invest in a boat. It's been raining non-stop for days now, with no signs of stopping!

:: Trying not to feed my Pinterest addiction...too much. But man alive, there are just so many great ideas and inspiration on that site!

:: Getting excited for dinner tonight (found via Pinterest, naturally).

:: Wishing all of you a wonderful Wednesday!

Henry is 5!

From this (at 8 weeks old, the day after we brought him home)...

To this (at 5 years old)...

Happy birthday to our sweet, sweet pup Henry! We love you so much!

My how time flies...


YouTube Tuesday: Bon Iver

Found this one while randomly watching videos on YouTube, and it makes me wonder just how many cool bands are out there that I don't know about?



Karl: They had better serve sushi in heaven.

Laura: True that.

That's how we roll. Har dee har har...


our week in iPhone pics - Nov 12

Getting this post up early today...go me! ;)

saturday: Continuing from last week, we started our day off down in Portland. I spelled out Wy's name in Lego's, then it was all about the cousins. After an AWESOME BBQ lunch (no pictures of that, too busy eating to think about snapping pics), we packed up and drove back home then we all went to bed early.

sunday: A little errand running, Jimmy John's subs (we thought it was just so-so, but Wy loved his turkey sandwich!) and an afternoon latte.

monday: A coworker made these adorable turkey cupcakes - how flippin' cute! Can you tell what all the parts are made of? This tea is one of my absolute favorites, so when it comes out at the holidays I totally stock up. And then a sleepy little kiddo in the produce section of the grocery store.

tuesday: A happy boy on the way to daycare, then when I got there his latest school pictures were ready! The first one is cute, the second one is hilarious (I wonder if the photographer asked for his "Mr. Skeptical" pose?). Some playing around at daycare, then it was time to head home so I could gather up a bunch of stuff to go see my friend Amy and her 2-day old daughter! Wy wasn't sure why I got out his old bassinet, but he sure did like playing in it for a few minutes before I packed it into the car. :) Little Fiona is a DOLL, and I love that I got to spend several hours with her and her momma that night!

wednesday: Pretty standard mid-week day - some morning coffee, some cuddling kitties and an adorable baby bear. Can't ask for much more than that!

thursday: Our kitchen and dining room are rarely this clean (especially at the same time!), so I had to snap a photo of it. That evening Wy was perfectly content playing in a sea of giant Lego's instead of packing up to head home, and then we were on our own for most of the evening since Karl had to work late so we had Wy's current favorite meal...lentil soup! He freaking loves that stuff, as evidenced by the 2nd and 3rd helping he had (note to self: probably should have put a bib on him for this meal).

friday: What a full day yesterday was! It started off with a cuddly Cooper in the morning and 2 sleepy boys, then I went to work for a bit before heading to the airport to pick up my mom for a visit! We had some noodles for lunch, then went to pick up the little one before heading home. He then proceeded to charm us both with his adorable antics for the rest of the evening.

So that's our week, how was yours? We're off to go have fun with Grandma Marcia for the rest of the weekend! :)

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Friday Funny: Marcel the Shell

I can totally picture my Dad's reaction to this. "Okaaaaay." And that makes me laugh at this even more! ;)

I'm not going to name names here, but Marcel the Shell reminds me of one of my nieces. (in a good way!)


Meet Sam!

Last weekend we went down to Portland to visit Karl's sister and her family, and we got to meet 6-week old Samantha Audrey. What a cutie pie she is!

Big brother Rocky is adjusting really well to life with a sibling, and Laura and Scott are doing great also. Such a lovely little family they are. :)

WyBear and Rocky are just 4.5 months apart, so they had a lot of fun playing together. And they both love playing outside, so their leafy yard was just perfect!

And just for fun, a little photo bomb. Thanks, Henry.


YouTube Tuesday: The National

Another peek into our music tastes. The National is our current obsession. We love this band so much! It's kind of like Johnny Cash, The Decemberists and David Grey all rolled into one.



Holiday Wish List: Wyatt edition

Let me preface this post by saying it’s really just for family. It’s just easier to put up a blog post on the topic that everyone can refer to instead of telling everyone individually. If anyone else is so inclined to read through to what we think our son would like for Christmas, feel free to keep on reading! If not, I won’t be offended if you just skip on over this post. :)

It’s getting to be that time of the year again...the time when the urge to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND takes over. While we would prefer to focus on experiences and family togetherness during the holidays, we do realize that people just can’t restrain themselves when it comes to buying gifts for the little ones. We just ask that you don’t go overboard (MOM!) – our house is small, and it’s already getting filled up to capacity with stuff.

Anyway, without further ado...here are some ideas for WyBear just in case you are wondering what to get him.


Family memberships to the zoo (either one), the aquarium, local museums, the science center, etc, are all great things to have…and they help support the local economy, too! Music, dance or swimming lessons would be super fun as well.

Learning Toys

Wyatt is learning constantly at this point in his life, so things that help foster continued learning are great. Wooden alphabet blocks, numbers, music, art, letters, sign language…all good things. He might be a little young for it yet, but a Learning Tower will be great for letting him participate in the kitchen so he learns a love of cooking early on.

Wy is also getting into the idea of helping clean up lately – so a kid-sized broom and dust pan would be fun, too!

We’re totally up for getting these toys second-hand also, and think a make-over would make it a super cool and personalized toy! Here are a few examples of stellar makeovers:


This kiddo just keeps on growing (crazy how that happens, isn’t it?!), and he could always use new clothes. He’s currently wearing size 2T shirts, 18-24 mo pants and size 6 shoes (these are his November 2011 sizes). We hope to stay away from logos and licensed characters for as long as possible, so please avoid the urge to buy that Cars or Batman shirt or even the clothes with the brand name logo (like GAP or OLD NAVY) splashed across it.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Whether Wyatt likes it or not, he’s going to get a college education (we suspect he will like it…but really, he doesn’t have a say in the matter). We’ve opened up a GET (Guaranteed Education Tuition) account for him to fund a portion of his college expense. If you are so inclined, feel free to gift him some money toward his GET account. He’s so young, he won’t remember if you got him a super cool toy or just donated money toward his college fund. His parents sure would remember it fondly though! ;) Seriously, if you are interested in going this route please let us know and we’ll set you up as an authorized gift giver with his online GET account.

So there you have it! More ideas for little WyBear than you can shake a stick at! As to the question of how to avoid duplicate gifts, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Things can always be returned or exchanged, but if you are really concerned about it we can set up a little email correspondence between family members so that no one steals anyone else’s thunder.


our week in iPhone pics - Nov 5

What a week! We started it out with an awesomely fun weekend (for WyBear and I, anyway), then had a few days of work and then capped it off with a birthday boy and a road trip to Portland. Here we go!

saturday: Karl is still super busy at work lately, and he needed to go in to the office both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Boo for him, but it does mean that I tried extra hard to keep Wyatt entertained. On Saturday we ran a bunch of errands. I continued my habit of taking car seat pictures of my little man, and he was very suspicious of this practice that morning. Then we got to Michaels and I tried to get him to wear a snowman hat (Guess what? He was not amused). Then it was off to Costco where Wyatt was being so adorable that I nearly forgot what I was even there for. When I got home and saw my 2nd car seat picture I very nearly died from the cuteness. And when Karl came home from work he stopped at Starbucks...they gave him an extra cup for some reason, and Wy loved walking around drinking his "coffee" while he pulled every single one of his toys off of his bookshelf.

sunday: Another Mama + Baby Bear day. Once we got up and dressed and saw Papa Bear off to work, it was time for a lunch of cherry tomatoes (the last from our garden) and a black bean and cheese wrap. Then it was off for a drive down a pretty fall highway to meet our friends at the library for a Charlie Hope concert. We got there a little early, so we had fun playing with the giant stuffed animals and board books. Who knew the library was so cool? I think we'll have to start going there more often! Then the concert started, and Wyatt happily sat on my lap for the entire set and he got so cute and bashful going up to her for a hug afterward. Since the weather was so beautiful once the concert was done, we went to a nearby park (a park of AWESOMENESS) with our friends for some outdoor playtime. This park was amazeballs. Wy and Miss P were sooooooo cute holding hands, and then they had fun running all around the park until their noses were bright red and their hands were freezing cold. What a fun day!

monday: Mondays are tough for me, picture-wise, because I have recurring meetings that fill up my calendar so I rarely get to go visit my little man during lunch so then I'm so busy getting my fill of Wy-love that I forget to snap any pictures. The Henster sure was being cute laying on Karl's lap after Wy went to bed though. Love that pup, even when he drives me bonkers. :)

tuesday: I didn't realize Wy was in the middle of a diaper change when I got to daycare during my lunch, so I didn't hide out until he was done...and once he saw me he was OVER that darn diaper change. Luckily Miss Maimuna was almost done with it so he got to come get Mama snuggles and then he showed me their "messy room" where they paint with water colors and play with the water table and all sorts of other messy fun that toddlers eat up.

wednesday: Some early morning snuggles after jammies come off but before daytime clothes get on. Love my little snuggler. When we picked him up in the evening he was crazy crabby and he fell asleep about 0.2 seconds after getting into the car and then took a long nap.

thursday: I was feeling the need, the need for caffeine, on my way to work on Thursday, so we stopped at Starbucks. The drive-thru line was ridiculous though, so we went ahead and went inside and I think Wy was totally confused about why he was out of his car seat so soon (plus that hand in the mouth is a pretty clear indicator that another tooth/teeth is/are working their way out). When I came to pick the little man up at the end of the day, he was in the middle of 5:00 snack and he just couldn't decide if he should get up and hug me or hurry up and shove all the rest of his snack in his mouth...so he decided to try and do both, that silly boy. Then he helped Karl give super stinky Henry a bath, and then we held hands while he drifted off to dreamland.

friday: 11.11.11! Happy Veteran's Day! And Happy Happy Birthday to Karl! Luckily Veteran's Day is a holiday for me so I always get the hubs' birthday off. And Karl decided to take the day off, too, so we decided to head down to Portland to see his sister and her little family. Before we could do that though, K got his car serviced and I chased Wy around as he tried to demolish our kitchen. Then it was time to hit the road! A little mid-trip snack break, then we finally arrived at Laura & Scott's house. The boys are just 4.5 months apart, and during this visit they were a lot more interactive with each other so that was pretty awesome to see. We also got to meet 6-week-old Samantha, our adorably tiny little niece. Oh my heavens, she is cute and has that deliciously distinctive newborn smell. Love. And my sister-in-law made the birthday boy a crazy delicious carrot cake, so once the little ones fell asleep we all thoroughly enjoyed a slice.

So that was our week! How was yours?

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HBD, Karl!

Dear Karl,

Yesterday was your birthday! I'm sorry I didn't get this posted before we headed out for our quick road trip to Portland, but I think you'll understand...we were just a *little* busy trying to get ready and get on the road.

Wyatt and I just wanted to wish you the best birthday ever. 11.11.11. - the coolest date until your 137th birthday!

We love you. You are the best husband and the best papa that we could ever hope for. Mwah!

~Mama Bear and Baby Bear. :)


sneak peak...

It's a certain somebody's birthday tomorrow. Can you guess who??


YouTube Tuesday: If It's the Beaches

Love, love the Avett Brothers! This song gets me every time. Enjoy!


Just because

A photo dump, for your Monday viewing pleasure. Presenting, our dapper boy and his dapper papa. Pictures from about a month ago.

Love, love. Happy Monday!