our week in iPhone pics - Sept 24

Not sure why, but our computer at home is still not recognizing my phone! Grrr. Here's hoping AT&T lets us upgrade to the iPhone 5 when it gets announced, even though we're still 9 months away from the upgrade period on our contract.

Okay, back to the week! I'm crazy crazy busy at work and I'm not feeling all that witty at the moment. So without further ado...

saturday: We hit up a farmers market that we'd never been to before that is much closer to our house than our favorite Ballard market. As you can tell by Wyatt's snoozing, we were less than impressed. Guess when you start with the best, nothing else compares! So we left the market empty handed and headed to Chipotle for some lunch. WyBear sure does love a cheese and black bean quesadilla! Then we went to PCC, our absolute favorite grocery store, to stock up on the produce and dairy products that we'd been hoping to get at the farmers market. Wyatt was a big help getting the groceries in the cart, and then he loved running around in front of the check out lines.

sunday: Tomato time! I turned most of our tomato harvest into 4 quarts of tomato sauce - 2 quarts for the freezer, 2 quarts for chili that night. Wyatt spent some time trying to break out of prison while Cooper Cat was cute and sleepy, then when WyBear got sleepy himself I bagged up some of the blackberries that we harvested from our back fence line and we gave Henry a much-needed bath. For dinner that night, Wyatt enjoyed the aforementioned chili.

monday: Monday was a notable day, because it was the first day that Wyatt had something other than breast milk or water at daycare (sniff, sniff...he's growing up so fast!). We're giving him goat's milk, as it's more easily digestible than cow's milk and we have some lactose issues throughout the family. At our lunchtime visit, Wyatt gave me adorable looks then had the smoking gun at the lunch table. When I came to pick him up in the evening he was in a new shirt and he really wanted to show me the pictures of the animals on the window. Dinner that night was grilled trout and tomato sandwiches, roasted potatoes (home grown!) and corn with lima beans. Yum!

tuesday: Wyatt practicing for his future in Shakespearean theater, playing with a few of his favorite toys at daycare, going for a walk after work while we still can (it's quickly approaching the time when it starts to get dark at 4:00 here in the PNW), post-bath time silliness and then our little man out like a light from our after-dinner stroller walk.

wednesday: Cold morning + sleepy Laura = necessary pre-work stop at the coffee stand, adorableness at daycare in his Hawaiian shirt (that's the last time he'll be wearing this shirt...it's getting a little short on him!), MEGA happy to be walking out of daycare with Papa, then I stopped at DSW on my way to knitting night and finally (FINALLY!) ended my search for brown heels! Henry chewed up my favorite brown heels months ago, and I just haven't been able to find suitable replacements...until now. Whew! Glad that search is over. :)

thursday: An early morning echinacea flower, my day at work was so packed with meetings it was ridonkulous (so busy that it necessitated the use of the word ridonkulous), Wyatt was asleep when I got there for my lunchtime visit but then we practiced our drama poses for a bit. Mt. Ranier was large and in charge after work, and then when we got home we worked on learning animals from one of Wyatt's favorite books.

friday: As I was driving in to work on Friday, I was thinking "please let someone bring in donuts today." Lo and behold, my prayers were answered! :) More adorableness at lunch (Sensing a trend here? My baby's adorable, and I can't get over it.), then the obligatory sleeping in the stroller after our walk picture (in his "Ugly" hat).

So that's our week! How was yours?

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