our week in iPhone pics - Oct 8

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me just say that I'm STILL crazy busy at work! But I know how much our family is liking these week in the life posts, so I'm sticking with them. Consider yourselves forewarned though...you are about to see "The Wyatt Show". Apparently when I'm really busy I just remember to take pictures of the adorable boy and not much else. :)

Not sure why I created these photo grids to be 4 pictures wide...that sure does make for a small picture to display. Sorry about that, but I'm far too lazy right now to re-do all of them! So if you want to see them bigger, just click on each picture to enlarge it.

Without further ado...our week:

saturday: This is one of the awesome shirts we found at the Just Between Friends sale last weekend, and we lurve it. From the color to the price ($3!) to the pearl snap buttons...it's pretty darn perfect. A quick family pic before dropping WyBear off at our sitter for a quick date night. Sushi, fro-yo and a movie...oh yeah! Wyatt had a blast with his sitter and her son, as usual. He played so hard with them that he fell fast asleep by 7:45!

sunday: We attended a baby shower downtown on Sunday morning and got some coffee at an overpriced (and SLOW) coffee stand afterward. Then I worked for a few hours before running some errands with the little man. The mountains and trees were so beautiful while we were driving home - a constant reminder of why I love living here so much! It doesn't take much arm twisting for me to hold WyBear during his naps, especially when I've been so busy lately. I love his warm sleepy self!

monday: Happy Columbus Day! Our daycare was closed so Karl stayed home with the boy and they came to meet me for lunch. I was snapping pics of both of them and it was only afterward that I realized they'd made the exact same face. When people ask which parent Wyatt looks like, I'll just need to show them these 2 pictures! Some tickle time tickled all of us, and then a little cuddle time is the perfect way to end our day.

tuesday: Traffic was bananas on Tuesday morning, so it was a good thing I decided to stop by the coffee stand on my way out. ;) A little dress up play and art work showing off at lunch time. Being absolutely adorable as we packed up to head home for the day, LOVING bath time and then showing off his belly button rounded out the day.

wednesday: The moon was still up nice and high as I drove in to work on Wednesday, and that just feels wrong! Papa and baby came to meet me for dinner on Wednesday evening and we had fun looking at all the plants outside while we waited for our table. Then once we got seated the cup of crayons served as a great distraction before dinner arrived.

thursday: The morning fog was so pretty behind the trees. This time of year is my favorite (You know, if we had just a few more hours of daylight in the evenings...)! Then a whole bunch of adorable WyBear pictures because I just couldn't whittle it down. :)

friday: Free Flavor Friday at the coffee stand...holla! Puppet play at lunch time. Then what you don't see is our super fun evening - our daycare (LOVE them) offered a "Parent's Night Out" where they provided dinner and babysitting...for free! So we came and visited with the little man for about an hour after work then left him there while we met some good friends out for a quick dinner at Pizzeria Pulcinella (seriously YUM). A few hours later and we picked our happy little boy up and headed home (he had such a blast with his friends at daycare that he fell asleep almost immediately once we got in the car). Then shortly after we got home, Karl's parents showed up for a quick visit! Those pictures, however, will have to wait until next week's recap. :)

So that's our week! How was yours?

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