our week in iPhone pics - Oct 22

Another week has come and gone, and guess what? This one wasn't nearly as busy for me, work-wise. Woo to the hoo! :)

Here we go...

saturday: Reading is fundamental, no? Nap time is fundamental, too. Fundamental to keeping all of us sane, that is, and giving the kitties a chance at some human interaction that doesn't involve being chased or getting their fur pulled. After nap time was over, we ran some errands and saw an awesome rainbow. Then we visited some friends, and their boys were VERY interested in Wyatt. :) And finally, a little night cap to end the day.

sunday: Sunday was "pose by the office window" day, apparently. Wy tried out his baby Uggs that were given to him as a baby shower gift, and he is officially an Ugg-aholic. He loves those things! Papa Bear had to go into the office for a few hours of work again, so we stayed home and played with the new-to-us Legos that we'd gotten from our friends the night before. Then it was time for our weekly grocery trip where Wyatt was sporting his adorable green hat and making funny faces at me as he pointed out birds and other various things in the parking lot. The fall colors are sooooo pretty right now, and then once Karl got home from work he played with the little man while I went out and dug up our potatoes from the garden. Potato Crop 2011 was a success!

monday: Short on pictures today, apparently. Hello, handsome. This tree outside of daycare is tres gorgeous, don't you think?

tuesday: Hangin' out in the morning, waiting for breakfast. When I got there at lunch time, he was still napping. I do so love a sweet sleeping baby. :) Once we woke up, it was time to play "let's throw every toy possible". Daycare created a new picture wall, and I love this smirky photo of WyBear that they used. And then a little pre-bedtime fun with yelling "BYE BYE!" and slamming doors. Isn't that how everyone winds down after a long day??

wednesday: The spookified coffee stand. Their coffee is frighteningly good! (har de har, har) Some puppet play at lunch, then some acrobatics with Papa at the end of the work day. Eating some Chipotle for dinner (little man ate an entire cheese quesadilla and an entire side of black beans...it was insane) then a little unsuccessful shoe shopping before we headed our separate ways as the boys went home while the mama went to her weekly knitting group at Starbucks.

thursday: Did a little work on Wy's semi-homemade Halloween costume, finally finished up our Halloween wreath (this was my inspiration)...please ignore the fact that I got hot glue where it wasn't supposed to be on the yarn and the bat), then a little pre-Halloween fashion show.

friday: Some daycare adorableness - this was right after a dance party, my little man LOVES to dance! Heading home we hit some crazy traffic thanks to this accident (don't worry, we were completely stopped so I felt like it was safe enough to snap a pic). Luckily the traffic didn't delay us so much that we couldn't make it to the coffee stand before they closed! Or to Oil Can Henry's for an overdue oil change while Wy snoozed in the backseat and I enjoyed my coffee.

So there you have it. Another 7 days in the can. How was your week?

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