our week in iPhone pics - Oct 1

Hola, amigos. Another week has come and gone, and work is seriously kicking my booty. 2012 budgets are due soon enough though, so the end is in sight!

Enough complaining about bringing home the bacon, let's get to the recap! Without further ado...

saturday: I got a early morning call from my hair stylist saying she'd had a no-show, so I high tailed it out to get a much-needed haircut. There is a Starbucks in the same parking lot as my salon, and magically I found myself in it afterward. :) Pumpkin Spice Latte time, y'all! On the way home from the hair salon there is a cute little farmhouse that always has a seasonally decorated wagon by the road, and the witchy ghosts were cracking me up. Then Wyatt practiced for drama class while we ate lunch at Red Robin. We hit up a Just Between Friends consignment sale and scored big time with this entire stack of clothes for something like $63, so Wyatt has plenty of good clothes for cooler weather now. Then a certain somebody was very happy to show us his new skill - pointing out his belly button (and saying the word at the same time)! :)

sunday: I was meeting my adorably pregnant friend Amy out for lunch that day, and giving her a whole ton of our baby gear. As I was getting all of the gear out of the various and sundry places that it's been stashed around the house, Wyatt saw and became obsessed with the Bumbo seat. So it stayed with us - Amy's baby won't be able to use it for a while anyway! We've had lots of playing and sitting and snack eating in the Bumbo since then. :) And then who needs to be groomed? This pup, that's who.

monday: The Amanda Knox conviction being overturned was big news around the office. I have no idea if she's innocent or guilty, but I do know that there certainly seemed to be enough reasonable doubt that I'm happy the verdict was overturned and she was able to come home. There's a whole family of these bunnies that live on our daycare grounds, and they have no fear! Some lunchtime playing, a sleepy boy, my new library card arrived in the mail, and then guess who STILL needs to be groomed? This pup.

tuesday: Good morning, bright eyes! Somebody was having a tough time sharing toys with other kids at daycare, so our lunchtime visit was filled with lots of tears and redirection (it's tough being a 15-mo old!). Then little man was having lots of fun brushing his teeth before bed.

wednesday: It was very rainy as I drove in to work this morning. I wore my shiny red shoes, but clicking my heels together didn't take me anywhere other than to the office for lots and lots of meetings. Fun with hats, toys and the indoor sandbox at daycare, then reading his daily recap sheet and seeing that he finally started using his spoon at daycare!

thursday: I was sooooo busy at work on Thursday! When I got to daycare in the evening, it was snack time...holla! WyBear's latest adorable "trick" is to blow kisses at us all the time. A. Dor. A. Ble.

friday: I was at an off-site planning session all afternoon, at a beautiful resort that you'd never know was tucked away right near the airport! Because I wasn't going to be able to make it out of there before daycare closed, Karl took over pick-up responsibilities that evening and sent me this picture that nearly caused spontaneous lactation when I saw it (sorry...TMI, but it's true! Look at that face!). Then I stopped at the store for a rotisserie chicken on my way home and earned some good karma points when I helped out a total stranger who had a dead battery. Wyatt's turtle night light was on, and oh by the way...who needs a grooming so very bad that he has perpetual bed head? This pup. So sorry, Henry!

So that was our week! How was yours?

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