Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Our little WyBear is...what else? A bear! I made him this super simple costume using a kit that I bought on...where else? Etsy! It was so easy, and super cute!

Mama, I told you I'm not interested in posing for pictures right now!

Oh okay, if you insist.

This isn't so bad after all!

And a little flashback to Halloween 2010. Man what a difference a year makes.

Le sigh.


our week in iPhone pics - Oct 22

Another week has come and gone, and guess what? This one wasn't nearly as busy for me, work-wise. Woo to the hoo! :)

Here we go...

saturday: Reading is fundamental, no? Nap time is fundamental, too. Fundamental to keeping all of us sane, that is, and giving the kitties a chance at some human interaction that doesn't involve being chased or getting their fur pulled. After nap time was over, we ran some errands and saw an awesome rainbow. Then we visited some friends, and their boys were VERY interested in Wyatt. :) And finally, a little night cap to end the day.

sunday: Sunday was "pose by the office window" day, apparently. Wy tried out his baby Uggs that were given to him as a baby shower gift, and he is officially an Ugg-aholic. He loves those things! Papa Bear had to go into the office for a few hours of work again, so we stayed home and played with the new-to-us Legos that we'd gotten from our friends the night before. Then it was time for our weekly grocery trip where Wyatt was sporting his adorable green hat and making funny faces at me as he pointed out birds and other various things in the parking lot. The fall colors are sooooo pretty right now, and then once Karl got home from work he played with the little man while I went out and dug up our potatoes from the garden. Potato Crop 2011 was a success!

monday: Short on pictures today, apparently. Hello, handsome. This tree outside of daycare is tres gorgeous, don't you think?

tuesday: Hangin' out in the morning, waiting for breakfast. When I got there at lunch time, he was still napping. I do so love a sweet sleeping baby. :) Once we woke up, it was time to play "let's throw every toy possible". Daycare created a new picture wall, and I love this smirky photo of WyBear that they used. And then a little pre-bedtime fun with yelling "BYE BYE!" and slamming doors. Isn't that how everyone winds down after a long day??

wednesday: The spookified coffee stand. Their coffee is frighteningly good! (har de har, har) Some puppet play at lunch, then some acrobatics with Papa at the end of the work day. Eating some Chipotle for dinner (little man ate an entire cheese quesadilla and an entire side of black beans...it was insane) then a little unsuccessful shoe shopping before we headed our separate ways as the boys went home while the mama went to her weekly knitting group at Starbucks.

thursday: Did a little work on Wy's semi-homemade Halloween costume, finally finished up our Halloween wreath (this was my inspiration)...please ignore the fact that I got hot glue where it wasn't supposed to be on the yarn and the bat), then a little pre-Halloween fashion show.

friday: Some daycare adorableness - this was right after a dance party, my little man LOVES to dance! Heading home we hit some crazy traffic thanks to this accident (don't worry, we were completely stopped so I felt like it was safe enough to snap a pic). Luckily the traffic didn't delay us so much that we couldn't make it to the coffee stand before they closed! Or to Oil Can Henry's for an overdue oil change while Wy snoozed in the backseat and I enjoyed my coffee.

So there you have it. Another 7 days in the can. How was your week?

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our week in iPhone pics - Oct 15

Another week has come and gone, and DAY-UM...it was our busiest yet! Tons and tons of budget work for me, and Karl got a bunch of new responsibilities given to him at work which meant he worked late nearly every night. So the story of our week went a little like this: get up, get ready, go to work/daycare, work until the latest possible time before daycare closes, go home, wait for Papa to get home (later than usual), go out to eat (because we didn't have the energy to cook), get Baby Bear to bed, log on and work for an hour or so more, go to bed and get ready to rinse and repeat the next day. Go ahead and admit it...you are jealous of our glamorous and carefree life! ;)

It wasn't all work and work though, we started the week out by having Karl's parents here for a quick visit! That's the right way to start any week, if you want to know the truth.

Anyway, without further ado...our week (in iPhone pics):

saturday: Some morning fun before getting out of bed - reading WyBear's favorite (and only) pop-up book and pointing out his nose (and my nose, and Papa's nose, and Henry's nose...). Cuddling with Grandma and Grandpa...now that's not something you get to do every day! He loved having them here, and we did too! We're so glad they carved a little time out of their visit to see Karl's sister and her new little girl (Rocky's a big brother now!) to come up and see us. After we got ready with everyone (but me, I'm such a party pooper) decked out in their Mizzou gear in honor of homecoming that day back in CoMo, we headed out to the pumpkin patch. It was a super cute one, and I think we'll be going back there again next year! Then, Susan and Rocky gave us the gift of time...much to Henry's chagrin. They entertained the little man while we gave the little pup a much needed haircut. FINALLY! He hates getting groomed, but he looks so darn handsome afterward that it's worth all the pain and suffering. Right, Henry? Right??

sunday: Grandma and Grandpa headed back to Portland after eating breakfast, but not before I convinced them to pose for some pictures (it wasn't hard to convince them, in case you were wondering). Oh. Em. Gee. The pictures turned out so cute! Wyatt wasn't wanting to smile pretty, but then Papa swooped in to the rescue and knew just the thing to get WyBear happy again...and the results were awesome. Such a cute little family picture. After the grandparents left, Karl also left to head into the office for a few hours of work. Wyatt wasn't very happy about that, no siree bob. Hobbes decided to brave the toddler by napping in the office with us, and Wy decided to go back to being adorables. Then we made a quick trip to the grocery story before Papa got back home. After dinner, it was time for our nightly (unless it's raining) "put-Wyatt-to-sleep" walk (and that's what our headlight situation looks like, since it gets dark earlier and earlier in the Pac NW these days).

monday: Oh my boys, they were too cute sleeping like that before I got them up for the day that I just had to snap a picture of them. Then when I got to daycare, somebody was still asleep and looking so sweet. I just love sleeping babies! Once he finally woke up he was very groggy. Nothing that a little ball play with Miss Francesca couldn't fix though! Our little pumpkin family in front of the house, then a blurry (but too cute not to include) pic of Wy saying hello to the Henster, and our sleeping baby all snugged up like a bug in a rug after our walk.

tuesday: Wyatt was anti-book for so long, and we are so excited that he's finally liking books again! These bald baby dolls have always creeped me out, but kids sure do seem to like them. What's the appeal?? Some adorableness at daycare, then my stylish little cowboy (who saw his cowboy hat in the morning and would not leave the house without it) has recently discovered how AWESOMELY AWESOME the water fountains in the hallway outside daycare are, so we now have to stop there for a little fountain action in the evenings. And then Mt. Ranier...always so beautiful when it's out.

wednesday: I worked. A lot. Lame. (lame = the pictures I have to show for my day...I do actually love my job, even when it's crazy busy!)

thursday: WyBear saying "Okay, let's go home now Mom...and oh by the way, I'm taking this bear puppet with me." (side note: meltdowns over having to leave daycare toys at daycare are not so fun) What is fun? Playing with the water fountain! Car seat cuteness, a few pages out of the most fun mail I've gotten in a while (a Snapfish album that I made for Wy's first camping trip) and a much-appreciated glass of wine while out for dinner at Red Robin (not exactly gourmet fare, but it is VERY kid-friendly and we absolutely appreciate that these days!).

friday: Free Flavor Friday! I needed it, too, as Oct 21 is a day I've been looking forward to slash dreading for months now. It's the day I helped my VP present our division budget to the upper management. It actually didn't go too bad though, and I decided to head home shortly after we were done with it. :) For some reason I decided to give Wyatt a 5:00 snack on the floor in the office. Henry thought that was a brilliant idea. So did my son, who happens to be in a food throwing phase right now. Me? I didn't think it was such a great idea, in hindsight. But little man is so flippin' cute that I quickly forgot about the wasted food. A little Dr. Seuss with Papa is the perfect way to wrap up the week, don't you think?

So that's our week! How was yours?

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our week in iPhone pics - Oct 8

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me just say that I'm STILL crazy busy at work! But I know how much our family is liking these week in the life posts, so I'm sticking with them. Consider yourselves forewarned though...you are about to see "The Wyatt Show". Apparently when I'm really busy I just remember to take pictures of the adorable boy and not much else. :)

Not sure why I created these photo grids to be 4 pictures wide...that sure does make for a small picture to display. Sorry about that, but I'm far too lazy right now to re-do all of them! So if you want to see them bigger, just click on each picture to enlarge it.

Without further ado...our week:

saturday: This is one of the awesome shirts we found at the Just Between Friends sale last weekend, and we lurve it. From the color to the price ($3!) to the pearl snap buttons...it's pretty darn perfect. A quick family pic before dropping WyBear off at our sitter for a quick date night. Sushi, fro-yo and a movie...oh yeah! Wyatt had a blast with his sitter and her son, as usual. He played so hard with them that he fell fast asleep by 7:45!

sunday: We attended a baby shower downtown on Sunday morning and got some coffee at an overpriced (and SLOW) coffee stand afterward. Then I worked for a few hours before running some errands with the little man. The mountains and trees were so beautiful while we were driving home - a constant reminder of why I love living here so much! It doesn't take much arm twisting for me to hold WyBear during his naps, especially when I've been so busy lately. I love his warm sleepy self!

monday: Happy Columbus Day! Our daycare was closed so Karl stayed home with the boy and they came to meet me for lunch. I was snapping pics of both of them and it was only afterward that I realized they'd made the exact same face. When people ask which parent Wyatt looks like, I'll just need to show them these 2 pictures! Some tickle time tickled all of us, and then a little cuddle time is the perfect way to end our day.

tuesday: Traffic was bananas on Tuesday morning, so it was a good thing I decided to stop by the coffee stand on my way out. ;) A little dress up play and art work showing off at lunch time. Being absolutely adorable as we packed up to head home for the day, LOVING bath time and then showing off his belly button rounded out the day.

wednesday: The moon was still up nice and high as I drove in to work on Wednesday, and that just feels wrong! Papa and baby came to meet me for dinner on Wednesday evening and we had fun looking at all the plants outside while we waited for our table. Then once we got seated the cup of crayons served as a great distraction before dinner arrived.

thursday: The morning fog was so pretty behind the trees. This time of year is my favorite (You know, if we had just a few more hours of daylight in the evenings...)! Then a whole bunch of adorable WyBear pictures because I just couldn't whittle it down. :)

friday: Free Flavor Friday at the coffee stand...holla! Puppet play at lunch time. Then what you don't see is our super fun evening - our daycare (LOVE them) offered a "Parent's Night Out" where they provided dinner and babysitting...for free! So we came and visited with the little man for about an hour after work then left him there while we met some good friends out for a quick dinner at Pizzeria Pulcinella (seriously YUM). A few hours later and we picked our happy little boy up and headed home (he had such a blast with his friends at daycare that he fell asleep almost immediately once we got in the car). Then shortly after we got home, Karl's parents showed up for a quick visit! Those pictures, however, will have to wait until next week's recap. :)

So that's our week! How was yours?

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our week in iPhone pics - Oct 1

Hola, amigos. Another week has come and gone, and work is seriously kicking my booty. 2012 budgets are due soon enough though, so the end is in sight!

Enough complaining about bringing home the bacon, let's get to the recap! Without further ado...

saturday: I got a early morning call from my hair stylist saying she'd had a no-show, so I high tailed it out to get a much-needed haircut. There is a Starbucks in the same parking lot as my salon, and magically I found myself in it afterward. :) Pumpkin Spice Latte time, y'all! On the way home from the hair salon there is a cute little farmhouse that always has a seasonally decorated wagon by the road, and the witchy ghosts were cracking me up. Then Wyatt practiced for drama class while we ate lunch at Red Robin. We hit up a Just Between Friends consignment sale and scored big time with this entire stack of clothes for something like $63, so Wyatt has plenty of good clothes for cooler weather now. Then a certain somebody was very happy to show us his new skill - pointing out his belly button (and saying the word at the same time)! :)

sunday: I was meeting my adorably pregnant friend Amy out for lunch that day, and giving her a whole ton of our baby gear. As I was getting all of the gear out of the various and sundry places that it's been stashed around the house, Wyatt saw and became obsessed with the Bumbo seat. So it stayed with us - Amy's baby won't be able to use it for a while anyway! We've had lots of playing and sitting and snack eating in the Bumbo since then. :) And then who needs to be groomed? This pup, that's who.

monday: The Amanda Knox conviction being overturned was big news around the office. I have no idea if she's innocent or guilty, but I do know that there certainly seemed to be enough reasonable doubt that I'm happy the verdict was overturned and she was able to come home. There's a whole family of these bunnies that live on our daycare grounds, and they have no fear! Some lunchtime playing, a sleepy boy, my new library card arrived in the mail, and then guess who STILL needs to be groomed? This pup.

tuesday: Good morning, bright eyes! Somebody was having a tough time sharing toys with other kids at daycare, so our lunchtime visit was filled with lots of tears and redirection (it's tough being a 15-mo old!). Then little man was having lots of fun brushing his teeth before bed.

wednesday: It was very rainy as I drove in to work this morning. I wore my shiny red shoes, but clicking my heels together didn't take me anywhere other than to the office for lots and lots of meetings. Fun with hats, toys and the indoor sandbox at daycare, then reading his daily recap sheet and seeing that he finally started using his spoon at daycare!

thursday: I was sooooo busy at work on Thursday! When I got to daycare in the evening, it was snack time...holla! WyBear's latest adorable "trick" is to blow kisses at us all the time. A. Dor. A. Ble.

friday: I was at an off-site planning session all afternoon, at a beautiful resort that you'd never know was tucked away right near the airport! Because I wasn't going to be able to make it out of there before daycare closed, Karl took over pick-up responsibilities that evening and sent me this picture that nearly caused spontaneous lactation when I saw it (sorry...TMI, but it's true! Look at that face!). Then I stopped at the store for a rotisserie chicken on my way home and earned some good karma points when I helped out a total stranger who had a dead battery. Wyatt's turtle night light was on, and oh by the way...who needs a grooming so very bad that he has perpetual bed head? This pup. So sorry, Henry!

So that was our week! How was yours?

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our week in iPhone pics - Sept 24

Not sure why, but our computer at home is still not recognizing my phone! Grrr. Here's hoping AT&T lets us upgrade to the iPhone 5 when it gets announced, even though we're still 9 months away from the upgrade period on our contract.

Okay, back to the week! I'm crazy crazy busy at work and I'm not feeling all that witty at the moment. So without further ado...

saturday: We hit up a farmers market that we'd never been to before that is much closer to our house than our favorite Ballard market. As you can tell by Wyatt's snoozing, we were less than impressed. Guess when you start with the best, nothing else compares! So we left the market empty handed and headed to Chipotle for some lunch. WyBear sure does love a cheese and black bean quesadilla! Then we went to PCC, our absolute favorite grocery store, to stock up on the produce and dairy products that we'd been hoping to get at the farmers market. Wyatt was a big help getting the groceries in the cart, and then he loved running around in front of the check out lines.

sunday: Tomato time! I turned most of our tomato harvest into 4 quarts of tomato sauce - 2 quarts for the freezer, 2 quarts for chili that night. Wyatt spent some time trying to break out of prison while Cooper Cat was cute and sleepy, then when WyBear got sleepy himself I bagged up some of the blackberries that we harvested from our back fence line and we gave Henry a much-needed bath. For dinner that night, Wyatt enjoyed the aforementioned chili.

monday: Monday was a notable day, because it was the first day that Wyatt had something other than breast milk or water at daycare (sniff, sniff...he's growing up so fast!). We're giving him goat's milk, as it's more easily digestible than cow's milk and we have some lactose issues throughout the family. At our lunchtime visit, Wyatt gave me adorable looks then had the smoking gun at the lunch table. When I came to pick him up in the evening he was in a new shirt and he really wanted to show me the pictures of the animals on the window. Dinner that night was grilled trout and tomato sandwiches, roasted potatoes (home grown!) and corn with lima beans. Yum!

tuesday: Wyatt practicing for his future in Shakespearean theater, playing with a few of his favorite toys at daycare, going for a walk after work while we still can (it's quickly approaching the time when it starts to get dark at 4:00 here in the PNW), post-bath time silliness and then our little man out like a light from our after-dinner stroller walk.

wednesday: Cold morning + sleepy Laura = necessary pre-work stop at the coffee stand, adorableness at daycare in his Hawaiian shirt (that's the last time he'll be wearing this shirt...it's getting a little short on him!), MEGA happy to be walking out of daycare with Papa, then I stopped at DSW on my way to knitting night and finally (FINALLY!) ended my search for brown heels! Henry chewed up my favorite brown heels months ago, and I just haven't been able to find suitable replacements...until now. Whew! Glad that search is over. :)

thursday: An early morning echinacea flower, my day at work was so packed with meetings it was ridonkulous (so busy that it necessitated the use of the word ridonkulous), Wyatt was asleep when I got there for my lunchtime visit but then we practiced our drama poses for a bit. Mt. Ranier was large and in charge after work, and then when we got home we worked on learning animals from one of Wyatt's favorite books.

friday: As I was driving in to work on Friday, I was thinking "please let someone bring in donuts today." Lo and behold, my prayers were answered! :) More adorableness at lunch (Sensing a trend here? My baby's adorable, and I can't get over it.), then the obligatory sleeping in the stroller after our walk picture (in his "Ugly" hat).

So that's our week! How was yours?

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