our week in iPhone pics - Sept 17

I decided to add in the weekends to these week in iPhone pics posts, since really, we live for the weekends. When you both work full time, your mid-week routine (and thus, pictures) doesn't vary too much. But the weekends, oh the weekends. That, my friends, is when we can actually mix it up!

So without further ado..

saturday: People have been complaining about how cold this summer's been, but for my money I have to vote for last summer being colder than this one. That's certainly true where my tomato crop is concerned, anyway! Wyatt was looking very dapper in his fancy clothes for our birth center reunion picnic. It was our 6th wedding anniversary, and we decided to celebrate by going out on a date - our first solo date since Wyatt was born! Dinner was awesome, albeit a bit rainy, and Wy had an AWESOME time with his babysitter and her son (could that smile BE any bigger?).

sunday: Picture fail! We did a family tradition - Sunday farmers market and burgers at Dick's afterward. Henry knows this routine well, and anxiously waits in the car for Karl to come back with the bag of deliciousness so that he can beg off the scraps from us. It's one of my favorite traditions ever!

monday: Boiling up our daily eggs for breakfast while the boys sleep, Wy was loving on his smoothie as we headed out to daycare, my arsenal of supplies to fight my cold (newsflash: the cold won that fight), 5:00 snack was on like Donkey Kong and then my boys being silly while manning the grill.

tuesday: Waiting at the dentist for a cavity filling, afternoon snack was pita with tuna salad (Wy loved the pita, wasn't such a big fan of the tuna), obsessed with the fish tank at our doctor's office after a vaccine, being a total goof at the grocery store, and killing me softly with his dimples.

wednesday: Being adorables in the car before heading off to school, continuing the adorableness at lunch, helping me unload the dishwasher after work, and then a big iPhone fail on my part. iTunes isn't recognizing my phone for some reason, so on Thursday I told it to restore from a back-up...not realizing that I would lose all of the photos I'd taken over the last few days. Even though that happened on Thursday, I'm putting this pic on Wed because I lost Wed and Thurs pics and thus we've got the Wyatt show for pictures these 2 days because all I have are what I texted to Karl throughout the day.

thursday: More Wyatt show at daycare. Water play is one of his favorite activities.

friday: Starting the day off with some cuddles in bed (my favorite way to start out the day), playing on "the Loft" at school, packing up in the car seat to head home, stopping at Mocha Madness for our Friday treat (a short "Everyone's Favorite" for me, a tall white chocolate mocha with soy for Karl), then being way too cute having a pre-dinner snack while waiting for Papa to get home. That last picture is my favorite pic of the week!

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