our week in iPhone pics - Sept 12

Starting a new feature here, hopefully regularly...our week in iPhone pics! Linking up with Amy. I figure, I take TONS of pics with my phone every day so I may as well share them here! Part of the reason I haven't been blogging more frequently is that I don't have time to edit the photos I take with my fancy camera...but iPhone pics by default don't really have to be edited. You'll find that 99% of my phone pics are of the boy, because he's my favorite subject. :)

So without further ado...

monday: WyBear ran a 102 fever most of the weekend, so I stayed home with him on Monday. It was all teething-related, and that pesky tooth broke through on Sunday evening so he was feeling pretty good for the most part on Monday. Showed off his guns at breakfast, Henry kept guard...lazily, and Wyatt enjoyed his afternoon smoothie.

tuesday: Back to school you go, Wyatt! I go and visit him during lunch almost every day. Today we enjoyed some books and people watching. When I came back to pick him up in the evening, he'd been changed in to his spare clothes and the kids were all enjoying their 5:00 snack. After daycare we stopped at the grocery store, but Wyatt wasn't amused, then the little man fell fast asleep during our after-dinner walk.

wednesday: More playing at daycare during lunch, walking around looking like a very big kid, then enjoying some streaming Netflix after Wyatt finally goes down for the night.

thursday: Started the day off with some meetings, then in the early afternoon daycare had a power outage that lasted for more than an hour so they had to call the parents to come pick their kids up (fine by me!). Before leaving we played ball and had a little peekaboo on the playground, then we headed downtown to pick up Karl from work so he wouldn't have to take the bus home (and we drove by this cool motorcycle). Didn't feel like cooking that night, so we went out to one of our favorite restaurants for some soup.

friday: The day started out with an 8am meeting, so a big cup of coffee was in order! Today's 5:00 snack was strawberries, and Wyatt was obsessed with them (hence the very serious look on his face). A few snuggles in front of the house after driving home, then some "playing" with Henry and big smiles for Papa pulling up to the house.

So there you have it, our week in iPhone pics! How was your week?

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philnjill said...

I like this idea! I read today that the iPhone 4 is considered by some to be THE most widely used camera in the world right now! Blows my phone (3G) away in quality.