Oh hi...remember me? Thanks to a teething baby who has been running a fever, I'm taking the day off work today and decided I might just start updating the ol' blog. You know, since I've gotten notes from my mom and my brother about how it's been over 2 months since I last posted. Sorry!

Some catch up is in order, obvs. And I still have to write up Wy's 12-mo letter (and...gasp!...admit that I didn't take pictures for his 13 or 14 month birthdays). But first, some heavy-on-the-photos-light-on-words updates. You know, for simplicity (and because I'm lazy).

Our daycare had to close for some construction in mid-August, so we took a short family trip down to Sacramento to see my dad and stepmom. We were THAT family - running through the airport with our bags, our dog (yep, the Henster came with us), our baby and our giant car seat. It was pretty awesome. Turns out I had my camera settings off for most of that trip, so 99% of the pictures are over exposed and/or completely blurry. That's also pretty awesome (in that not-so-awesome way). So anyway, less words more pictures!

Wyatt loved exploring this big new house he'd never been to before (except in utero).

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that keep you entertained for a good long while.

He sat in a chair like a big boy to eat meals with us, and it worked out great!

The wild turkeys are always fun to watch, except when you let your dog out without realizing that ohmyfreakinghecktheturkeysareRIGHTthere. Luckily, the turks realized what was going on before Henry did, so disaster was averted.

After spending a few days in Sac-town, our family of 3 packed up and headed down to San Francisco for a bit while Henry chilled with his grandparents. Those pictures are up next!

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