catching up - San Fran

Okay, now for part II of our trip to Cali!

After spending a few days with my parents, we packed up my dad's Rav4 and headed down to San Fran for a 1-night adventure. SF is where Karl was living when we first started dating oh so many years ago, so that city holds a special place in our hearts and we were excited to introduce some of our favorite spots to WyBear!

We stayed right in tourist central, Fisherman's Wharf.

It was pretty windy in SF (shocking, I know), and the wind freaked poor Wyatt out. See the look on his face in this picture? Priceless.

The wind, coupled with a new tooth working it's way out, made for one cranky face baby. That's okay, we are masters at getting up and quickly removing him from the situation when he starts to get embarrassing (like at a restaurant).

Speaking of restaurants, we ate some awesome food while we were there. And Wyatt realized how much fun it is to feed other people instead of himself.

We visited the aquarium, which had lots of big sharks and cool jellyfish. WyBear chose to sleep through the entire thing though. His loss.

Then we proceeded to walk, and walk, and walk, and walk some more. That's what San Francisco is for, right?

We walked from the Wharf up to Lombard street, then back down to the Wharf, then to our hotel for a brief rest and then all the way up to Coit Tower after dinner. My legs get sore all over again just thinking about it. :)

At Lombard St, we attempted a self portrait. Fail.

Luckily a very nice lady took pity on us and captured a great shot for us!

The next morning, before heading back up to Sacramento, we enjoyed yet another wonderful meal (this time, at Eagle Cafe...it was Uh-Mazing) and Wyatt practiced his coloring skills.

All in all, a great weekend! And, it was Wyatt's last hurrah with the binkie...he decided he was done with it after this trip!

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