our week in iPhone pics - Sept 17

I decided to add in the weekends to these week in iPhone pics posts, since really, we live for the weekends. When you both work full time, your mid-week routine (and thus, pictures) doesn't vary too much. But the weekends, oh the weekends. That, my friends, is when we can actually mix it up!

So without further ado..

saturday: People have been complaining about how cold this summer's been, but for my money I have to vote for last summer being colder than this one. That's certainly true where my tomato crop is concerned, anyway! Wyatt was looking very dapper in his fancy clothes for our birth center reunion picnic. It was our 6th wedding anniversary, and we decided to celebrate by going out on a date - our first solo date since Wyatt was born! Dinner was awesome, albeit a bit rainy, and Wy had an AWESOME time with his babysitter and her son (could that smile BE any bigger?).

sunday: Picture fail! We did a family tradition - Sunday farmers market and burgers at Dick's afterward. Henry knows this routine well, and anxiously waits in the car for Karl to come back with the bag of deliciousness so that he can beg off the scraps from us. It's one of my favorite traditions ever!

monday: Boiling up our daily eggs for breakfast while the boys sleep, Wy was loving on his smoothie as we headed out to daycare, my arsenal of supplies to fight my cold (newsflash: the cold won that fight), 5:00 snack was on like Donkey Kong and then my boys being silly while manning the grill.

tuesday: Waiting at the dentist for a cavity filling, afternoon snack was pita with tuna salad (Wy loved the pita, wasn't such a big fan of the tuna), obsessed with the fish tank at our doctor's office after a vaccine, being a total goof at the grocery store, and killing me softly with his dimples.

wednesday: Being adorables in the car before heading off to school, continuing the adorableness at lunch, helping me unload the dishwasher after work, and then a big iPhone fail on my part. iTunes isn't recognizing my phone for some reason, so on Thursday I told it to restore from a back-up...not realizing that I would lose all of the photos I'd taken over the last few days. Even though that happened on Thursday, I'm putting this pic on Wed because I lost Wed and Thurs pics and thus we've got the Wyatt show for pictures these 2 days because all I have are what I texted to Karl throughout the day.

thursday: More Wyatt show at daycare. Water play is one of his favorite activities.

friday: Starting the day off with some cuddles in bed (my favorite way to start out the day), playing on "the Loft" at school, packing up in the car seat to head home, stopping at Mocha Madness for our Friday treat (a short "Everyone's Favorite" for me, a tall white chocolate mocha with soy for Karl), then being way too cute having a pre-dinner snack while waiting for Papa to get home. That last picture is my favorite pic of the week!

Linking up with Amy (who I don't actually know, but she seems super cool)!


Hi Fall

Today is the first day of fall, and I couldn't be more excited! I just love this season - the sweaters and boots, changing leaves, visits to pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice lattes (holla!), Fall and Halloween decor, cooler weather cooking (soup!), etc, etc.

Know what else I love about Fall? We almost always get a little Indian Summer action! It got to nearly 80 degrees today, and it's supposed to get to 80 again tomorrow (which is about as nice as any Summer day here in the PNW). That'll give our blackberries, tomatoes and zucchini a nice extra boost. So welcome to Fall, but thanks to Summer for sticking around a little bit longer also! :)


new tunes Tuesday: Blind Pilot

Blind Pilot = love. :)

This is one of our FAVORITE bands! They released their new album last week, and we're a little obsessed with it.


our week in iPhone pics - Sept 12

Starting a new feature here, hopefully regularly...our week in iPhone pics! Linking up with Amy. I figure, I take TONS of pics with my phone every day so I may as well share them here! Part of the reason I haven't been blogging more frequently is that I don't have time to edit the photos I take with my fancy camera...but iPhone pics by default don't really have to be edited. You'll find that 99% of my phone pics are of the boy, because he's my favorite subject. :)

So without further ado...

monday: WyBear ran a 102 fever most of the weekend, so I stayed home with him on Monday. It was all teething-related, and that pesky tooth broke through on Sunday evening so he was feeling pretty good for the most part on Monday. Showed off his guns at breakfast, Henry kept guard...lazily, and Wyatt enjoyed his afternoon smoothie.

tuesday: Back to school you go, Wyatt! I go and visit him during lunch almost every day. Today we enjoyed some books and people watching. When I came back to pick him up in the evening, he'd been changed in to his spare clothes and the kids were all enjoying their 5:00 snack. After daycare we stopped at the grocery store, but Wyatt wasn't amused, then the little man fell fast asleep during our after-dinner walk.

wednesday: More playing at daycare during lunch, walking around looking like a very big kid, then enjoying some streaming Netflix after Wyatt finally goes down for the night.

thursday: Started the day off with some meetings, then in the early afternoon daycare had a power outage that lasted for more than an hour so they had to call the parents to come pick their kids up (fine by me!). Before leaving we played ball and had a little peekaboo on the playground, then we headed downtown to pick up Karl from work so he wouldn't have to take the bus home (and we drove by this cool motorcycle). Didn't feel like cooking that night, so we went out to one of our favorite restaurants for some soup.

friday: The day started out with an 8am meeting, so a big cup of coffee was in order! Today's 5:00 snack was strawberries, and Wyatt was obsessed with them (hence the very serious look on his face). A few snuggles in front of the house after driving home, then some "playing" with Henry and big smiles for Papa pulling up to the house.

So there you have it, our week in iPhone pics! How was your week?


I love this hat

I'm not sure where we got this hat - either from our friends Dan and Leslie or from my mom, most likely. But I sure do love it in all it's plaid adorableness.

The day is quickly coming when this hat will be too small, and that will be a sad day indeed.


catching up - San Fran

Okay, now for part II of our trip to Cali!

After spending a few days with my parents, we packed up my dad's Rav4 and headed down to San Fran for a 1-night adventure. SF is where Karl was living when we first started dating oh so many years ago, so that city holds a special place in our hearts and we were excited to introduce some of our favorite spots to WyBear!

We stayed right in tourist central, Fisherman's Wharf.

It was pretty windy in SF (shocking, I know), and the wind freaked poor Wyatt out. See the look on his face in this picture? Priceless.

The wind, coupled with a new tooth working it's way out, made for one cranky face baby. That's okay, we are masters at getting up and quickly removing him from the situation when he starts to get embarrassing (like at a restaurant).

Speaking of restaurants, we ate some awesome food while we were there. And Wyatt realized how much fun it is to feed other people instead of himself.

We visited the aquarium, which had lots of big sharks and cool jellyfish. WyBear chose to sleep through the entire thing though. His loss.

Then we proceeded to walk, and walk, and walk, and walk some more. That's what San Francisco is for, right?

We walked from the Wharf up to Lombard street, then back down to the Wharf, then to our hotel for a brief rest and then all the way up to Coit Tower after dinner. My legs get sore all over again just thinking about it. :)

At Lombard St, we attempted a self portrait. Fail.

Luckily a very nice lady took pity on us and captured a great shot for us!

The next morning, before heading back up to Sacramento, we enjoyed yet another wonderful meal (this time, at Eagle Cafe...it was Uh-Mazing) and Wyatt practiced his coloring skills.

All in all, a great weekend! And, it was Wyatt's last hurrah with the binkie...he decided he was done with it after this trip!
Oh hi...remember me? Thanks to a teething baby who has been running a fever, I'm taking the day off work today and decided I might just start updating the ol' blog. You know, since I've gotten notes from my mom and my brother about how it's been over 2 months since I last posted. Sorry!

Some catch up is in order, obvs. And I still have to write up Wy's 12-mo letter (and...gasp!...admit that I didn't take pictures for his 13 or 14 month birthdays). But first, some heavy-on-the-photos-light-on-words updates. You know, for simplicity (and because I'm lazy).

Our daycare had to close for some construction in mid-August, so we took a short family trip down to Sacramento to see my dad and stepmom. We were THAT family - running through the airport with our bags, our dog (yep, the Henster came with us), our baby and our giant car seat. It was pretty awesome. Turns out I had my camera settings off for most of that trip, so 99% of the pictures are over exposed and/or completely blurry. That's also pretty awesome (in that not-so-awesome way). So anyway, less words more pictures!

Wyatt loved exploring this big new house he'd never been to before (except in utero).

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that keep you entertained for a good long while.

He sat in a chair like a big boy to eat meals with us, and it worked out great!

The wild turkeys are always fun to watch, except when you let your dog out without realizing that ohmyfreakinghecktheturkeysareRIGHTthere. Luckily, the turks realized what was going on before Henry did, so disaster was averted.

After spending a few days in Sac-town, our family of 3 packed up and headed down to San Francisco for a bit while Henry chilled with his grandparents. Those pictures are up next!