Wyatt, month 10

Dear Wyatt,

You are 10 months old! Just 2 months away from the big ONE YEAR! Yikes. It makes my heart skip a beat just to think about it.

If we were going to put a label on your tenth month, it would be the Month of Moving! You started to army crawl right before you turned nine months old, and then within a week and a half you were “regular” crawling like a champ. You explore your daycare room all day long, and then when we get home you love to crawl up and down the hallway (usually in hot pursuit of the kitties or Henry). You don’t seem to notice obstacles, so you’ve got lots of bruises on your shins and knees. Nothing will get in your way, by golly! :)

You’ve also gotten really good at pulling yourself up and using objects to help you walk around. You cruise around the coffee table and all along the couch and ottoman, then you’ll crawl over to your walker and push it up and down the hall while you walk alongside it. Basically, you just love to explore. We’ll play in your room a bit after we get home from work (for me) and school (for you), and you love to grab a toy in each hand and then take off down the hall while pushing the toys on the floor. It’s so fun to see what captivates you, WyBear!

This month you continued the jabber-fest. You are definitely working on saying Papa, although we don’t hear you clearly articulate it very often like you do with Mama. No other really easy-to-distinguish words have happened yet, but you do babble all the time. And we can tell that you are listening and understanding us quite often as well.

You got your 4th, 5th AND 6th teeth this month! And each time it was accompanied by an ear infection, but you are handling those so well. We put mullein garlic drops in your ears each night after you’ve gone to sleep, and those seem to be working to keep the infection at bay. I’ve even gotten used to having you smell a little garlicky, too. ;)

You are continuing to get really good at independent play, and right now your favorite toys at home are your sorting board and books (Do the pets count as toys? Because they are your favorites, too.)When I visit you at lunch, we have a lot of fun playing with nesting cups and you consistently put the smaller cups into the bigger ones. I think I only had to show that to you once before you got it. Your little baby brain is so darn smart!

You’ve finally doubled your birth weight this month, by our unofficial stats. It took 10 months to double his birth weight? (some might ask) Well yes, but you have to remember that you were nearly 11 pounds when you were born!! By our scale at home you are now 21.5 pounds, which is just a hair above the doubling mark of your 10 pounds 10.5 ounces at birth.

I would wave at you to close out this monthly letter, but you’d refuse to wave back at me! You do, however, wave at Papa and at a whole slew of other people. I don’t take it personally though, and in fact I take it as a sign that you know if you wave to me it means you are saying goodbye and you never want to be parted from me. ;)

Here is a link to your continuing Flickr album of cuteness. I already love looking through all of these pictures, and I imagine that I’ll feel more and more nostalgic about them as time moves on.

XOXO, to the moon and back.



And one bonus picture, to show how hard it was to get you to sit still for your monthly photo this time. Our little squirmy worm just wanted to be on the move!

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