scenes from a perfect birthday weekend

Karl and I both took a few days off work to celebrate my birthday a few weeks ago. We originally intended to take a little vacation up north, but then Wyatt and I came down with colds and ear infections so we thought it would be best to not fly and instead we had a mini staycation in our own city. It was so much fun! You already saw how we spent our Saturday that weekend (goodbye tree!), so here are the photo-heavy highlights of the rest of our weekend.

Breakfast at Geraldine's Counter. Love their breakfast casserole! Wyatt was a perfect little angel at breakfast. As long as we kept giving him food to eat, he was happy!

The weather was sunny and GORGEOUS that Sunday. For me, there really is nothing better than a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. It’s just perfect, and so fun to walk around down by the water acting like tourists in the city we call home. So we headed to the Aquarium to introduce Wyatt to the wonderful world of aquatic life.

He loved it! Usually I would wear Wyatt around in our Ergo, but my back was hurting a little bit this day so Karl gladly wore our little WyBear around for the day. I just love a babywearing papa. :)

My lovely little family. Wyatt was way past his naptime (so many cool fish to see, no time for naps!), and was getting a little silly so he kept reaching up to giggle and poke my face while we were attempting a self portrait. I’m so glad I caught this moment!

A late lunch at Pizzeria Pulcinella. Oh my, we love this place. Late lunch on Sunday was the perfect time to come, too, as the restaurant was not at all crowded. Wyatt was a little angel, again. As a side note, these stick-on placemats are genius!

Monday was my actual birthday, and Karl got up with Wyatt so I could get a little extra sleep (heaven!). Then we headed back downtown and used a gift card we had to eat breakfast at Lola. It was good, but I’m not sure it’s worth the hype it gets. I’ll take the food and atmosphere at Geraldine’s Counter over Lola’s any day! But still fun to try something new, especially when it’s on a gift card! :) Stopped across the street to use a bit more of the gift card buying up some sweet treats at Dahlia Bakery. Umm...this Tom Douglas establishment is TOTALLY worth the hype! So delicious, and such a quaint little bakery. I wish I would’ve taken some pictures in there, but I was too busy drooling over all of the (expensive) deliciously tempting offerings!

After breakfast/brunch we wandered around downtown for a few hours, stopping and shopping or grabbing a coffee when we felt like it. Then we headed home and Karl sent me out for a pedicure while he stayed home and played with Wyatt. I blissfully sat in a massage chair and got my feet pampered while I read the new book that the hubs gave me. It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend! If 33 is as good to me as 32 was, then this is going to be a year for the record books. :)

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