paper cranes

A woman in my knitting group organized a few community events recently to fold paper cranes for the people who lost their lives in the devastating Japanese tsunami. We went to one of them and learned how to fold the cranes. See a lot more photos here. (photos taken by the awesome Shawna)

Then I got hooked, and I folded a bunch more! Karl even got in on the action!

Including one with winglets!

And a super tiny one!

In the end, we folded about 25 more cranes and I dropped them off to Emiko that next week. I hope she reaches her goal of one crane for every life lost!


Glovecat said...

Hi Laura, I love your blog, and must confess to have been an avid reader for almost a year now. Today I am breaking my silence to tell you this, and that I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger award - horray! If you pop over to my blog you can see what I've written about yours, and read a little about the award if you like :D

Thanks for writing such a lovely blog, it's lovely to see baby Wyatt growing, just a month or so ahead of my own baby Megan :D

Emily x

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, I'm blushing! And honored! Thanks, Emily!!