Ottumwa, part 1

Our Iowa journey continues! The funeral was in Ottumwa, so after we flew in to Des Moines and stayed the night there, we drove in to Ottumwa to meet my dad and stepmom at The Hotel Ottumwa. It's a charming old hotel located right in the heart of town, and since it's in the middle of Iowa the rates are really affordable!

I asked Karl to watch Wyatt while I took a little break, and this is what I got.

Haha, not really! Karl was taking a nap and I set this photo up unbeknownst to him. :)

The next day was Mimmie's funeral, and after the service we all ate good food and reminisced about what a wonderful 100.5 years Mimmie lived.

Wyatt liked walking around that day, quite a bit.

My stepmom's confirmation photo!

I love seeing all of these bits of her history!

This picture is grainy due to the low light, but I just love it.

Up next, Wyatt's obsession with my dad!

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