6 grandparents down, just 1 more to go!  Wyatt is lucky enough to have 7 grandparents...unfortunately though, none of them live anywhere near us. But in his 10 short months, he’s met all but 1 grandparent now that Grandpa Doug came out for a visit. All that’s left now is to meet Grandpa Art, so hopefully we’ll get to see him before long , too!

Newsflash: Wyatt has a thing for grandpas. That thing is extreme love. If a grandpa is around, we’re all chopped liver. :)

Karl’s dad came out for a conference and spent the first half of his trip down in Portland visiting with Laura, Scott and little Rocky, then he came up to Seattle to spend some time with us!

It was really great seeing him, and Wyatt just loved all the Grandpa Doug time he got. We didn’t do a whole lot other than playing around the house and just hanging out, but those are our favorite ways to spend time with family most of the time anyway.

Thanks for coming to visit us, Doug!

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