family, part deux

The very next weekend after Grandpa Doug came to visit, Grandma Susan and Grandpa Rocky came out to see us! They also started their journey down in Portland before coming up here, and then we had a very fast but EXTREMELY productive 2+ days with them!

(quite a bit different than this picture, no?)

I tell ya, these two have seemingly boundless energy and they are so very HANDY! They know that we have lots of projects that we’ve either started (and not quite finished) or dreamed about starting, so they told us to make up a list of all of these projects and they’d see what they could help us get done. You don’t have to ask me twice...I went right to work making up a list, and Karl checked it twice. ;)

Lots of tasks were checked off our list, both inside the house and out in the yard. From some babyproofing to a leaky pipe being replaced to a lot of work in the garden, those inlaws of mine really knocked it out of the park. We felt guilty putting them to work for their entire visit, but we sure do appreciate it nonetheless. And my sweet mother-in-law was feeling seriously under the weather the whole time too, yet she was still such a help. I felt terrible letting her do anything, but we couldn't convince her to take it easy!

Susan and Rocky, you are the bee’s knees! The salt of the Earth! The shizzle! :)

Oh, and in case you were wondering...Wyatt absolutely LOVED having more grandpa time! (He also loved grandma time, but let's be real here...we all know that grandpa time is Wyatt's favorite thing EVER. It even trumps mom and dad time!)

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