family, part deux

The very next weekend after Grandpa Doug came to visit, Grandma Susan and Grandpa Rocky came out to see us! They also started their journey down in Portland before coming up here, and then we had a very fast but EXTREMELY productive 2+ days with them!

(quite a bit different than this picture, no?)

I tell ya, these two have seemingly boundless energy and they are so very HANDY! They know that we have lots of projects that we’ve either started (and not quite finished) or dreamed about starting, so they told us to make up a list of all of these projects and they’d see what they could help us get done. You don’t have to ask me twice...I went right to work making up a list, and Karl checked it twice. ;)

Lots of tasks were checked off our list, both inside the house and out in the yard. From some babyproofing to a leaky pipe being replaced to a lot of work in the garden, those inlaws of mine really knocked it out of the park. We felt guilty putting them to work for their entire visit, but we sure do appreciate it nonetheless. And my sweet mother-in-law was feeling seriously under the weather the whole time too, yet she was still such a help. I felt terrible letting her do anything, but we couldn't convince her to take it easy!

Susan and Rocky, you are the bee’s knees! The salt of the Earth! The shizzle! :)

Oh, and in case you were wondering...Wyatt absolutely LOVED having more grandpa time! (He also loved grandma time, but let's be real here...we all know that grandpa time is Wyatt's favorite thing EVER. It even trumps mom and dad time!)



6 grandparents down, just 1 more to go!  Wyatt is lucky enough to have 7 grandparents...unfortunately though, none of them live anywhere near us. But in his 10 short months, he’s met all but 1 grandparent now that Grandpa Doug came out for a visit. All that’s left now is to meet Grandpa Art, so hopefully we’ll get to see him before long , too!

Newsflash: Wyatt has a thing for grandpas. That thing is extreme love. If a grandpa is around, we’re all chopped liver. :)

Karl’s dad came out for a conference and spent the first half of his trip down in Portland visiting with Laura, Scott and little Rocky, then he came up to Seattle to spend some time with us!

It was really great seeing him, and Wyatt just loved all the Grandpa Doug time he got. We didn’t do a whole lot other than playing around the house and just hanging out, but those are our favorite ways to spend time with family most of the time anyway.

Thanks for coming to visit us, Doug!


Ottumwa, part 3

My dad and stepmom have been married for almost 25 years, yet this was the first time that I'd met most of her family. And what a great family she has! Such a fun, fun group of people.

I sure hope I don't have to wait another 25 years to see them again!

We ate one final meal in Ottumwa before heading back to Des Moines, at the iconic Canteen. Loose meat sandwiches at their best!

This place is so cute, and has such a strong history with the town and with Barb's family. It was the perfect way to wrap up our Iowa trip!

So while it was a sad occasion, I'm so glad that we were able to go and support my parents and meet Barb's family, and as an added bonus we even got to see Karl's family too!


Ottumwa, part 2

By far, Wyatt's favorite part about our trip to Iowa in March was all of the Grandpa time he got!

Little man looooooves his Grandpa Phil. If he was anywhere nearby, Wyatt only had eyes for him. It was pretty darn cute.

One last Iowa post left!


Ottumwa, part 1

Our Iowa journey continues! The funeral was in Ottumwa, so after we flew in to Des Moines and stayed the night there, we drove in to Ottumwa to meet my dad and stepmom at The Hotel Ottumwa. It's a charming old hotel located right in the heart of town, and since it's in the middle of Iowa the rates are really affordable!

I asked Karl to watch Wyatt while I took a little break, and this is what I got.

Haha, not really! Karl was taking a nap and I set this photo up unbeknownst to him. :)

The next day was Mimmie's funeral, and after the service we all ate good food and reminisced about what a wonderful 100.5 years Mimmie lived.

Wyatt liked walking around that day, quite a bit.

My stepmom's confirmation photo!

I love seeing all of these bits of her history!

This picture is grainy due to the low light, but I just love it.

Up next, Wyatt's obsession with my dad!


Kiss me, I'm Iowish

Part 2 of our March trip to Iowa!

We flew in to Iowa for a sad occassion - the passing of my step-grandmother. But the upside to the sadness was that we got to see a lot of family. Karl's family drove ~4 hours up to Des Moines so they could see us, and we had such a lovely visit with them!

They hadn't seen Wyatt since he was about 6 weeks old, so they had a lot to catch up on. Here are the pictures. :)


no smiles for you!

Back in the beginning of March we took a trip to Iowa, and I'm realizing that I never posted the pictures! I'll do it in installments, to stretch it out a bit longer. :) First up, trying to get a family photo with Karl's side of the family. The problem? A certain baby was tired and cranky and not in the mood to smile...

Grandpa Rocky tried to elicit a smile....no luck.

Great Grandma Jean tried...no luck.

Oh well, no smiles for you!

Still a cute family photo, though. :)


paper cranes

A woman in my knitting group organized a few community events recently to fold paper cranes for the people who lost their lives in the devastating Japanese tsunami. We went to one of them and learned how to fold the cranes. See a lot more photos here. (photos taken by the awesome Shawna)

Then I got hooked, and I folded a bunch more! Karl even got in on the action!

Including one with winglets!

And a super tiny one!

In the end, we folded about 25 more cranes and I dropped them off to Emiko that next week. I hope she reaches her goal of one crane for every life lost!


scenes from a perfect birthday weekend

Karl and I both took a few days off work to celebrate my birthday a few weeks ago. We originally intended to take a little vacation up north, but then Wyatt and I came down with colds and ear infections so we thought it would be best to not fly and instead we had a mini staycation in our own city. It was so much fun! You already saw how we spent our Saturday that weekend (goodbye tree!), so here are the photo-heavy highlights of the rest of our weekend.

Breakfast at Geraldine's Counter. Love their breakfast casserole! Wyatt was a perfect little angel at breakfast. As long as we kept giving him food to eat, he was happy!

The weather was sunny and GORGEOUS that Sunday. For me, there really is nothing better than a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. It’s just perfect, and so fun to walk around down by the water acting like tourists in the city we call home. So we headed to the Aquarium to introduce Wyatt to the wonderful world of aquatic life.

He loved it! Usually I would wear Wyatt around in our Ergo, but my back was hurting a little bit this day so Karl gladly wore our little WyBear around for the day. I just love a babywearing papa. :)

My lovely little family. Wyatt was way past his naptime (so many cool fish to see, no time for naps!), and was getting a little silly so he kept reaching up to giggle and poke my face while we were attempting a self portrait. I’m so glad I caught this moment!

A late lunch at Pizzeria Pulcinella. Oh my, we love this place. Late lunch on Sunday was the perfect time to come, too, as the restaurant was not at all crowded. Wyatt was a little angel, again. As a side note, these stick-on placemats are genius!

Monday was my actual birthday, and Karl got up with Wyatt so I could get a little extra sleep (heaven!). Then we headed back downtown and used a gift card we had to eat breakfast at Lola. It was good, but I’m not sure it’s worth the hype it gets. I’ll take the food and atmosphere at Geraldine’s Counter over Lola’s any day! But still fun to try something new, especially when it’s on a gift card! :) Stopped across the street to use a bit more of the gift card buying up some sweet treats at Dahlia Bakery. Umm...this Tom Douglas establishment is TOTALLY worth the hype! So delicious, and such a quaint little bakery. I wish I would’ve taken some pictures in there, but I was too busy drooling over all of the (expensive) deliciously tempting offerings!

After breakfast/brunch we wandered around downtown for a few hours, stopping and shopping or grabbing a coffee when we felt like it. Then we headed home and Karl sent me out for a pedicure while he stayed home and played with Wyatt. I blissfully sat in a massage chair and got my feet pampered while I read the new book that the hubs gave me. It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend! If 33 is as good to me as 32 was, then this is going to be a year for the record books. :)