Wyatt, month 8

Dear Wyatt,

Baby Bear, you are 8 months old! We look back at the pictures we’ve taken of you through the months and it’s just amazing to see how much you’ve changed! They say that humans develop more in their first year of life than ever again, and that certainly seems to be proving itself true to us every single day!

This month, you mastered the High 5! It’s funny, because that’s our favorite trick to perform with Henry so he gets pretty excited when we start high fiving with you. Our little Type A dog just wants to be involved!

Speaking of Henry, you really started to like your furry brother this month. Henry loves to drop his bones off the edge of the ottoman, and if you are around when he does it you just crack up so much and think it’s the funniest thing ever. So cute. Hmmm, maybe that’s where you picked up the super fun game of dropping your toys over and over (and over, and over, and over) again while sitting in your high chair?!

In fine motor skills development news, you started grasping things with both hands this month rather than with just one hand or the other. Your pincer grip is improving every day, as well. In the gross motor skills side of things, you still haven’t crawled but you have become a pro at maneuvering around in your little walker. You just love to walk your way over to the kitchen drawers and start exploring around in them to see what you can pull out! You also love, love, love to stand up and to walk around (with assistance). You haven’t quite realized that you can’t stand up on your own though, and you love to let go of our hands once you’ve gotten upright...so you’ve gotten pretty good at falling down, too. :)

You took your first airplane ride during month 8 so that you could attend your first funeral, in Iowa. Your Grandma Barb’s mom, Mimmie, was a wonderful lady who lived to be nearly 100.5 years old! You did phenomenal on every flight we took (WHEW!), and you also developed a HUGE crush on your Grandpa Phil during that trip (I think the feeling is mutual).

Food-wise, we are fully in to the Baby Led Weaning approach to solids now and it is going great! You’ve tried apples, bell peppers, MumMum crackers, mango, saag and prathas, dhal with brown rice and so much more that we aren’t even keeping track anymore! We hope that you continue to be so open-minded about food and that you develop a really inventive palate. You are also still breastfeeding, and we intend to keep that up as long as you are willing.

The real biggie (for me, anyway) this month is that you said your first official word! Drum roll please...it was MAMA! I am completely unbiased when I say this, but I think you chose the absolute perfect first word. Totally. ;)

You consistently go to sleep between 7:30 and 8:00 at night and we usually have to wake you up in the morning between 6:30 and 7:00 so we can get you ready and out the door to daycare. We are still co-sleeping and loving it. You nurse 2 or 3 times during the night usually, without even really waking up. You love to sleep with your arms sprawled out above your head, and your hair is crazy messy when you wake up in the morning. We unofficially think you weigh 20 pounds now, and you are wearing 12-18 mo clothes.

As always, here is the link to your continuing Flickr album. Love it.

Oh my little WyBear. I love every little thing about you. Stay my little sweetie forever and ever, okay?



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