One of the things that’s hard to learn until after you are a parent (particularly a working mom whose kid is in daycare) is that you can take more vitamins and eat better than you ever have in your entire life, yet get sick more often than ever!

I was definitely guilty of passing some judgment on people who constantly got sick in the past – thinking “Umm…take your vitamins, eat your vegetables and wash your hands more often, then you won’t get sick!” Kind of a take on my dad’s infamous “Live right and never make a mistake” saying.

As I sit here battling yet another cold that has morphed into an ear infection AND an upper respiratory infection – even despite my borderline-OCD tendencies on washing my hands, my daily fruit smoothie for breakfast, my baggie full of carrots/apples/figs/dates for a snack and my fistful of vitamins (including a double dose of vitamins C and D) for dessert – I’m reminded of my pre-baby thoughts about how I wasn’t going to be getting sick all the time like everyone else. Ha! How wrong I was!

So to all of my friends who I may have passed ignorant judgment on in the past, you have my sincerest of apologies! You can eat right, take all the vitamins in the world, drink Echinacea tea and even take Coldeze like they are candy, but those daycare germs are still going to win in the end. Resistance is futile!

In the meantime, Wyatt and I will just be building up our collective immune systems a little more every day. Eventually we won't get every single cold bug that we encounter!

Sniffle, sniffle, cough, cough...

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