Wyatt, month 9

Dear Wyatt,

You are 9 months old! You’ve now been out longer than you were in, and in some regards that doesn’t even seem possible. At other times though, I do have to begrudgingly admit that you are becoming more and more of a toddler and less of a little baby, so I guess the calendar is right. I look back at pictures from your first few months of life and it’s almost hard to believe that that sleepy little baby who didn’t interact with us too terribly much is the same active funny little boy who entertains us so very much every day now!

During your ninth month, you got your 3rd tooth. Just like the first two, we wouldn’t have even known that you were teething if we wouldn’t have seen the tooth sticking out of your adorable little gums. It seems that the only adverse side effect of teething for you is getting ear infections each time a new tooth comes out. You are so very good natured though, that even an ear infection doesn’t really bother you that much. We hope you stay that way!

Speaking of ear infections, you are such a champ at taking herbal tinctures now. When Dr. Beth gave you your first tincture, you acted like we were trying to poison you. Now, however, you love it! It has licorice root in it, so it tastes a bit like black licorice and you seem to like that...which should make your Grandma Susan happy. We’ve also started you on a liquid multivitamin formulated especially for little ones in order to further boost your immune system, and you willingly take that every night as well. We sure did get lucky in the good natured child department, my love!

Lots of food progress this month. In fact, I would say that you underwent a food revolution during your ninth month! There really hasn’t been anything that we’ve given you that you didn’t like. When you get a little bigger and are on food full-time, I have a feeling that it will be hard to keep up with your appetite! :)

You are getting really good at independent play, and will happily pull books off the shelf or play with your favorite toys as long as we are nearby. You also continue to love motoring around in your little walker, and you sometimes get upset if we walk by it without stopping for some walker time. You also absolutely love to talk! On your daily sheet from daycare, it almost always says that one of your favorite activities for the day was talking. My little chatterbox, I just love to hear your excited “ba, ba, ba!” and of course my absolute favorite is when you say mama over and over.

Near the end of this month, you had your biggest gross motor skills development yet when you started crawling! You’d been bouncing and wanting to crawl for quite some time, and you finally decided the time was right about a week before you turned 9 months old. Your preferred mode of transportation in the beginning of this little crawling journey was an army crawl, and it is so darn cute to see you pulling yourself around to get where you want!

Oh Wyatt, I know I say this every month but we love you so much. I never want to forget all of these details about your early months. The major milestones are important, but it’s the little things especially that I keep near and dear to my heart. The way you pinch the back of our arms when we hold you, the way your little body curls up against mine when we go to bed, your breathless giggle when I tickle the bottom of your feet, your intense focus and use of both hands when you pick up small pieces of food and bring them to your mouth, the way you shiver and shrug your shoulders whenever I run my fingers up the back of your head, the way you kick your feet when you see something you like, and so so much more. I could spend all my time just loving on you, and it still wouldn’t be enough. And I know your Papa feels exactly the same way.

Your official 9-mo stats are as follows: 21.3 lbs (60th percentile, you've dropped a bit in your weight gain but you are still as healthy as can be); 30.75 inches long (95th percentile) and your head is 18.5 inches around. Grow baby grow!

As always, here is the link to your continuing Flickr album. Love it.






Karl and our neighbor took down a big tree today! It was a lovely fir that provided us with ample shade and privacy, but unfortunately it was planted much too close to the neighbor's driveway and the root system was starting to lift up their driveway. So down it came! The exciting thing is that this is actually kick-starting an entire front yard makeover. Stay tuned for more details! People hear the sound of a chainsaw, and they all come outside to see what's going on. We were the neighborhood entertainment, especially for all the boys! You should have heard the cheers that went up when the tree came down! It was pretty cute. :)


Wyatt, month 8

Dear Wyatt,

Baby Bear, you are 8 months old! We look back at the pictures we’ve taken of you through the months and it’s just amazing to see how much you’ve changed! They say that humans develop more in their first year of life than ever again, and that certainly seems to be proving itself true to us every single day!

This month, you mastered the High 5! It’s funny, because that’s our favorite trick to perform with Henry so he gets pretty excited when we start high fiving with you. Our little Type A dog just wants to be involved!

Speaking of Henry, you really started to like your furry brother this month. Henry loves to drop his bones off the edge of the ottoman, and if you are around when he does it you just crack up so much and think it’s the funniest thing ever. So cute. Hmmm, maybe that’s where you picked up the super fun game of dropping your toys over and over (and over, and over, and over) again while sitting in your high chair?!

In fine motor skills development news, you started grasping things with both hands this month rather than with just one hand or the other. Your pincer grip is improving every day, as well. In the gross motor skills side of things, you still haven’t crawled but you have become a pro at maneuvering around in your little walker. You just love to walk your way over to the kitchen drawers and start exploring around in them to see what you can pull out! You also love, love, love to stand up and to walk around (with assistance). You haven’t quite realized that you can’t stand up on your own though, and you love to let go of our hands once you’ve gotten upright...so you’ve gotten pretty good at falling down, too. :)

You took your first airplane ride during month 8 so that you could attend your first funeral, in Iowa. Your Grandma Barb’s mom, Mimmie, was a wonderful lady who lived to be nearly 100.5 years old! You did phenomenal on every flight we took (WHEW!), and you also developed a HUGE crush on your Grandpa Phil during that trip (I think the feeling is mutual).

Food-wise, we are fully in to the Baby Led Weaning approach to solids now and it is going great! You’ve tried apples, bell peppers, MumMum crackers, mango, saag and prathas, dhal with brown rice and so much more that we aren’t even keeping track anymore! We hope that you continue to be so open-minded about food and that you develop a really inventive palate. You are also still breastfeeding, and we intend to keep that up as long as you are willing.

The real biggie (for me, anyway) this month is that you said your first official word! Drum roll please...it was MAMA! I am completely unbiased when I say this, but I think you chose the absolute perfect first word. Totally. ;)

You consistently go to sleep between 7:30 and 8:00 at night and we usually have to wake you up in the morning between 6:30 and 7:00 so we can get you ready and out the door to daycare. We are still co-sleeping and loving it. You nurse 2 or 3 times during the night usually, without even really waking up. You love to sleep with your arms sprawled out above your head, and your hair is crazy messy when you wake up in the morning. We unofficially think you weigh 20 pounds now, and you are wearing 12-18 mo clothes.

As always, here is the link to your continuing Flickr album. Love it.

Oh my little WyBear. I love every little thing about you. Stay my little sweetie forever and ever, okay?



Flickr Faves Friday: robots and monsters



One of the things that’s hard to learn until after you are a parent (particularly a working mom whose kid is in daycare) is that you can take more vitamins and eat better than you ever have in your entire life, yet get sick more often than ever!

I was definitely guilty of passing some judgment on people who constantly got sick in the past – thinking “Umm…take your vitamins, eat your vegetables and wash your hands more often, then you won’t get sick!” Kind of a take on my dad’s infamous “Live right and never make a mistake” saying.

As I sit here battling yet another cold that has morphed into an ear infection AND an upper respiratory infection – even despite my borderline-OCD tendencies on washing my hands, my daily fruit smoothie for breakfast, my baggie full of carrots/apples/figs/dates for a snack and my fistful of vitamins (including a double dose of vitamins C and D) for dessert – I’m reminded of my pre-baby thoughts about how I wasn’t going to be getting sick all the time like everyone else. Ha! How wrong I was!

So to all of my friends who I may have passed ignorant judgment on in the past, you have my sincerest of apologies! You can eat right, take all the vitamins in the world, drink Echinacea tea and even take Coldeze like they are candy, but those daycare germs are still going to win in the end. Resistance is futile!

In the meantime, Wyatt and I will just be building up our collective immune systems a little more every day. Eventually we won't get every single cold bug that we encounter!

Sniffle, sniffle, cough, cough...