Wyatt, month 7

Dear Wyatt,

You are 7 months old!! Once again, I’m writing this letter closer to your 8-month birthday than your 7-month one, but whatever. And actually, I'm posting the letter after you've already turned 8 months old! Oh well, at least I’m consistent!

Month 7 can be thought of as the month of the daycare germs! You got a double ear infection and a raspy cough, so we put you on your first herbal tincture (which you HATED, by the way). When that didn’t really work to get you feeling better, we ended up putting you on a round of amoxicillin to hopefully give your body a chance to heal itself before getting hit with even more germs. And it worked! Sort of. You were healthy for about 9 or 10 days before coming down with ANOTHER cold. Ugh!! Oh well, we’re getting used to this pattern and we know it’s a short-term problem that we have to deal with until your immune system matures a bit. Such is the life of a daycare baby.

In other news, you got your first 2 teeth during your 7th month! The first one poked through your gums on Jan 23, 2011, and you are such a sweet natured little man that we didn’t even notice a change in your behavior! I was just messing around in your mouth that day because I had a feeling a tooth would be along soon (due to the increase in drool production), and WHAM! There was a sharp little tooth waiting to greet me! And then within a matter of days…WHAM! There was another one! It took a few weeks before we could really clearly see them when you were laughing, and they are so very cute!

During your 7th month we also saw an explosion of development for you – from starting to form words (you LOVE saying “ba, ba, ba” and your teacher, Miss Svetlana, says that your first word was baba which is Russian for grandma…however, we vote that you haven’t said your first official word yet!) to pulling yourself up to a stand to becoming aware of your name, it’s pretty amazing to watch all of this happening right before our eyes! Most of it is so heartwarming but some of it is a little heartbreaking, like the separation anxiety that came out in full force this month. When I drop you off at daycare in the morning you almost always cry as I start to leave the room, and that is so very hard to handle! Or when we’re all home and papa walks by you without stopping and picking you up (even if you are already in my arms), the tears start to flow. You’re happiest if you are being held by both of your parents at the same time, and we’re happy to oblige you whenever possible!

You started anticipating certain behaviors this month. I love to play “I’m gonna getcha!” with you, and you close your eyes and shrug your shoulders every time I get close enough to “get” you. It’s so adorable! You also are showing some good cognitive development with rudimentary problem solving skills – when you first figured out how to become mobile in your little car you immediately zeroed in on going to the kitchen drawers, and at first when you tried to open them you could only open the drawers an inch or two because the drawer kept banging into the edge of your car. Well it only took about 30 seconds of that before you figured out that you have to back your car up and then move it over to the side so that you can open the drawer further. And then it was a quick leap to realizing that the drawer doesn’t just open and shut, but that you could look inside it and take things out! And then it was an even quicker leap for mama to do some drawer re-arranging to ensure that there was nothing dangerous in the lower drawers!

You’ve also evolved your playing a bit to where you don’t just put everything in your mouth, but you actually play with some things. You also watch us to see if we’ll catch your toys when you drop them, and it delights you to no end to have your toy “magically” appear back in front of you after you’ve dropped it. :)

Food-wise, you tried pumpkin, banana, peas, carrots and pears during month 7 and you loved them all! Unfortunately right after your 7 month birthday we experienced a big step backward in your food journey, but that actually caused us to change our approach and things are working out so much better now. But, that’s for your 8-month letter!

Oh baby bear, we love, love, love, love, love you!

As always, here’s a link to your continuing Flickr album. :)



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