we've got the germy blues

Our household has come down with one heck of a cold. Everyone says that the first year that a baby is in daycare is the worse with colds all the time. But the good thing, everyone says, is that it helps to build baby's immune system.

Well this is Wyatt's 4th cold in almost 3 months (and the first one that I've really gotten). So I'd just like to know....when will this elusive immune system be built?? I need to see the project plan on this thing!

And really, despite the mellow look on WyWy's face here, he has been in a really good mood during his colds. Those first few nights are usually killer, and involve one of us sleeping on the couch so the little man can be held upright to help his breathing. But other than that he's still our sweet happy little guy. With snot bubbles. :)


Kate said...

If you're like us, the immune system will still be building in cold & flu season #2 in daycare. Darn constant colds! And, you just can't avoid sharing germs (like I'd not kiss him, unless I was really bad and he was healthy) so it just goes back and forth. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that it's better that they build the immune system now than when they're in school (as in kindergarten going forward). Will was sick for longer stretches in the first year; but gets over illnesses faster the 2nd year. But I remember the torture of losing a week or MORE because the kid was sick. Very, very tough. Teething was also pure torture for my kid. And he started that at 7 months. ~julie