right now

Copying an idea I saw on one of my favorite blogs.

right now, I am ...

:: wanting time to be creative; I so miss having snippets of time to be creative (through writing, blogging, sewing, gardening, etc). Between work, housekeeping and Wyatt, I don’t really have much time for craftiness (and I’m NOT willing to make my bedtime later just to get a little free time, sleep is too important!). I am still learning how to knit, but it doesn’t feel very intuitive to me yet, so it doesn’t really satisfy my creative urges. And alas, I seem to have broken my sewing machine but haven’t found the time to bring it in for repairs.

:: loving that it’s actually still light outside when I leave work these days!

:: wondering what Wyatt’s personality will be like as he grows up. I worry about the effects of us spending so much time away from him during the week, but I also hope that his wonderful daycare is a positive influence on his development and his personality.

:: thinking about hiring an environmentally friendly weeding company to come in and get our garden ready for springtime planting (and hoping that it doesn’t cost us too much!)

:: feeling grateful that I work close enough to daycare that I can go see and nurse Wyatt every day during lunch. That bit of time fills my heart up enough to get me through the rest of the day!

:: enjoying the Pandora radio iPhone app.

:: smiling every time I look at our sweet baby boy.

:: dreaming of raising chickens and living on a mini farm.

:: hunting for some bargains – a vintage card catalog (perfect for storing Karl’s spare Legos and for kitchen stuff like aluminum foil and cling wrap) and a small camper (a mini Winnebago, perhaps?). Haven’t looked very hard for these things, but I am keeping my eyes open in case they come along!

:: planning a week’s worth of healthy meals.

:: wishing you a beautiful Monday, and a lovely start to your week!

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