kitchen update

I promised a kitchen update quite a while ago, and then I went and had a baby and well...we haven't done any work on our house projects since then! But a few weeks ago our kitchen was sparkling clean and the light was nice, so I snapped a few pics to give those of you who haven't seen it an update.

But first, let's look back at where we started...

Woof, right?! Man am I glad that I don't have to look at THAT every day anymore!

So after lots of work, and lots and lots of help from our families, here's how the kitchen looks now!

Quite the improvement, no?!?

We still have work to do - the ceiling needs to be finished, the sconces need to be replaced, the tile needs to be grouted and finished off, we need to build a little platform to raise up the stove and we need to put our antique glaze on the cabinets. But for now it is a functional (functionally AWESOME) kitchen that I'm happy to spend time in every day! I love it so so so so much!

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