Happy Valentine's Day...2 weeks late!

Okay, so I promised a picture of the cutest Valentine's Day shirt ever...and here it is! Presenting, our little love-bot:

I intended to put pictures of Wy in this shirt up on Valentine's Day, but then he got a cold and he was NOT in a picture taking mood on the 14th! In fact, he pretty much had his worst day ever at daycare that day. So I waited until he got all better and was back to his smiley lovely self to take some pictures. :)

This shirt is so cute, and so well made. I bought it from Etsy seller Cuddle Bug Gifts, and it arrived quickly and in great condition. I just love supporting handmade artisans on Etsy! I really can't recommend that site enough if you are looking for awesome handmade items. Love it!

Anyway, we're sure to get lots of use out of this love-bot shirt for months to come. I love that it's not just a Valentine's Day shirt but will work for any day of the week!

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Angela said...

Super cute!