The Breakfast Club

The weekend before last we had “breakfast with the gang,” as I always label it on my calendar. :) We have a group of friends who are very dear to us, but who we’ve kind of fallen out of the habit of seeing regularly unless we schedule periodic breakfasts. So this was our opportunity to reconnect, and it was great to see everyone (the food was pretty good, too)!

We can’t believe how BIG Asher and Griffin are getting! It feels like just yesterday that Griffin was born! The boys were so so sweet with Wyatt, too, so that was pretty awesome.

Karl and I have been talking a lot since Wyatt was born about wanting to develop a stronger sense of community and to strengthen our bonds with those closest to us so that we can help Wyatt develop good family ties and social skills (family ties, meaning our “real” family and our close friends who feel like family to us, particularly because our relatives are so spread out all over the map). So one of our goals going forward is to make more of an effort to see our friends and family more often. Seeing some of our favorite people, especially those who live right here in our very own city, only 2 or 3 times a year is something we’d like to change!

So, we’re on a mission to be more social! And to go along with that goal, we’re also working to keep our house presentable all the time so that we don’t worry about people dropping by unannounced or on short notice and seeing a messy house (which is more embarrassing for us than anyone else). This way we’ll feel more confident to invite people over without spending a full day just cleaning the darn house. And it will also help instill good habits in Wyatt, too. Double bonus!

To all our local friends and family, consider yourself on notice to start receiving more dinner/game/BBQ/etc invites from us!

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Angela said...

I resolve to do this every year...having Miss P has help me keep it more this year than ever before!