Around the Market in 80 Minutes

Our daycare publishes a calendar of kid-friendly things to do in our area each month, and one of the free ones was Around the Market in 80 Minutes down at Pike Place Market. We did that today, and it was so much fun! We weren't really paying attention to the fact that it was a timed adventure, or that some of the destinations were outside of the Market itself, so I'm sure we won't win any prizes. But now we know better for next time!

The best part of it all (besides getting to stock up on our favorite Parker's Pickles and spices) is that we explored parts of the Market that we've never noticed before. For instance, check out these insane ostrich and emu eggs!!

I think we'll definitely be participating in this fun little adventure in the months to come....and next time we'll bring our running shoes! :)

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Kate said...

What a great picture of the two of you!