a day in the life

Since yesterday was my last weekday of maternity leave, I thought I would document "A Day in the Life" before I go back to work. Yesterday was a bit of an unusual day in that (a) Karl had the day off work, (b) Wyatt had a vaccine in the morning and (c) we were getting our new furnace installed...but it's still a good picture of what a busy day of my leave was like. Lots of photos coming up (some taken with my iPhone, some with my real camera), so my apologies if you hate photo-heavy posts... :)

7:00am - Wyatt is restless, so I ask Karl if he'll do a diaper change. Karl changes the diaper then gives Wyatt back to me, then I try to nurse baby back to sleep to no avail so we get up and start our day so papa can catch a few extra zzz's on his day off.

8:00am - Mama is showered and ready, so it's time to dress the baby! Mizzou onesie and striped homemade babylegs are in order today. Changed a poopy diaper then read Wyatt some Dr. Seuss books.

8:30am - Papa's up now, so he feeds our ravenous animals then holds Wyatt while I make our breakfast (coffee and Greek yogurt with craisins and walnuts mixed in). The kitties cuddle together on top of the scratching post.

9:40am - Time for another diaper change and then packing baby into the car seat so we can head out to Dr. Beth's for a DTaP vaccine. Wyatt is such a flirt, and he's got all the ladies in the doctor's office wrapped around his little finger! Wy handles the shot like a champ, barely taking a break from nursing to notice the needle in his leg. Good job, baby!

10:45am - Back home and little man is out. I fold and put away some laundry and get another load going. Wyatt wakes up briefly to nurse but goes right back to sleep for a long nap on my shoulder.

11:15am - Trevor, our HVAC guy, calls to say he'll be by later this afternoon to install our new furnace. Yay!!

12:00pm - Lunchtime! Leftover curried chicken salad sandwiches and carrots. Yum!

12:30pm - Diaper change and time to pack up again to head out and see Angi and Presley for a walk and one last maternity leave play date. Papa stays home to get a bunch of things done and to be there when the furnace guys get there.

1:15pm - Arrive at Angi's house and the kids play together on the floor for a bit while we take their photos. They are so cute together, and Miss P is such a great sitter!

2:00pm - Go for a walk around the lake that Angi lives on, help throw some scratch to Angi's chickens, then let the kids play on the floor a bit more. Wy starts to get fussy, so I nurse him then change a wet diaper.

4:30pm - Pack up to head back home. What a great play date! I'm going to miss those when I go back to work next week, but we'll make sure to still get together regularly. Have a great phone call with Barb on my way home.

5:00pm - We're home and our furnace is being installed! We have Wyatt watch Henry so he doesn't bother the workers. :)

6:00pm - Nursing and a diaper change.

6:40pm - The furnace is installed and homemade pizza is in the oven. We read Wyatt a book while the pizza cooks, but it scares him a bit so we have some cuddle time together to make him feel secure.

7:30pm - Dinner is done and Karl entertains Wy while I get the dishwasher going and fold a load of baby clothes.

7:45pm - Mama draws first blood...I was clipping Wyatt's fingernails and got too close on his thumb and caused it to bleed. OOPS!! Mama and baby were both quite upset about this. (SORRY, BABY!)

7:55pm - Wy comfort nurses himself to sleep. Mama still feels horrible, especially when baby wakes up and starts shaking his poor hand. :( (but luckily when Wy woke up the next morning he didn't even notice the injury I'd inflicted...however, I still feel bad about it!)

8:20pm - Papa changes Wyatt into his pj's and nighttime diaper, then mama and baby go to bed.

8:30pm - Wyatt's totally asleep, I surf the web on my iPhone and upload the day's pictures to Flickr.

9:15pm - Lights out for mama. It's been a long day and I'm exhausted!

So there you have it! My last day of being a stay-at-home mom, documented for all to see. Once we get into a consistent routine of me being back at work, I'll do a day in the life as a working mom.

Happy Saturday!


baby clothes said...

Your baby is wearing a nice sporty t-shirt and I like it he look handsome on it.

Angela said...

What a busy day that was for you! I miss my stay-at-home 'partner in crime', but I am so glad your new 'working mom' routine is going so well!!!