A beginning and an end

Wyatt got his first set of wheels last weekend, and I think you can tell by this series of pictures that he loves it! His feet just barely touch the ground, and he hasn't figured out how to make the walker move yet, but he loves kicking his legs around and playing with the toys on top!!

Oh, my little heart breaker. This is our last week home together before I go back to work, and I'm really dreading not being with you during the day anymore! I do feel very lucky and fortunate to have been able to take 5 months off work though, and I realize that not a lot of working moms get that luxury (in the U.S., anyway...oh Canada and the Netherlands - and pretty much every civilized country other than ours - how I envy you!).

Our original plan was for me to go back to work just 3 1/2 days a week so that I could still be with you at least part of the weekdays for bonding, play dates, trips to the library and the park, etc. But then, as so often happens, things didn't work out as planned. A killer opportunity came up at work, and that led to me applying for a new job and getting it. In my idealistic mind I thought "Either they will offer me the job knowing that I'm going to be part-time, or they won't offer it to me because I'm going to be part-time." Simple as pie, right? Wrong! What they did was offer me the job as a full-time position. I agonized and cried over this decision, and talked and talked it over with your papa, and in the end we decided that the opportunity was too good to pass up. There is the possibility of me perhaps turning this new job into a part-time one in time, but probably not for 6-12 months.

And so, with a very heavy heart, I am returning to work full-time next week. I'm excited about the new opportunity with this job, and very excited about the bump in pay and benefits. But I also know that this is going to be one rough transition for me. So Baby Bear, if I squeeze and cuddle and kiss you an extra lot these next few weeks, just humor me okay?

I love you, I love you, I love you...all the way to the moon and back. :)

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Anonymous said...

I love these pictures Cutie! I'm very sorry that you have to go back to work though... I'm very upset about it but in the the states it is hard to make it on one income alone without things getting too tight. I hope in time we can have a lot more time together as a family. :)