Our favorite TV show these days is Parenthood on NBC. It's a family drama that isn't your typical show that focuses on scandal or some schtick...it just shows an extended family with strong ties and real-world problems, and we lurve it!

Since I've read that this show is struggling a bit in the ratings, Karl and I thought we'd put together a list of things we love about it in the hopes of converting even just one person to a fan of the show. Save Parenthood! :)

We love that the characters on this show always put a lot of effort and emphasis on family, that they treat everyone with respect (even when they may not want to) and that they have the characters always doing what they say they are going to do. They deal with tough topics (a son with aspergers, an unexpected bi-racial child, teen heartbreak/depression, being a single parent, marital problems, etc, etc), but so far they have had the adults on the show act like adults. Not only do they act like adults, but they act like people that Karl and I would love to model ourselves after (particularly the oldest brother, Adam Braverman). The Braverman's have a son with aspergers, and they are lucky enough to have the means to hire an in-home therapist to help them...a very beautiful in-home therapist. But you know what? The dad of the family (Adam) doesn't show any interest in her beyond appreciation for what she is doing to help his family. There's no scandal there, just a family with their values in the right place. That's not to say the characters aren't flawed, but they deal with their issues responsibly.

I also love the bond between the women of this show. They'll get together for girls' nights and put their differences behind them and just bond for the sake of each other and the greater family dynamic. The characters all genuinely care about each other, and it's such a heartwarming thing to watch every week (on Tuesdays, in case you are wondering).

Not to mention, the setting (Berkeley, CA, I think) is absolutely stunning. This huge outdoor dining area is something I dream about!

The show is well shot, well acted and well written. It gives Karl and me things to talk about all the time and we create mental lists of how we want to be as parents to Wyatt, as spouses to each other and as a family dynamic with ourselves and our extended family. Now if we could just convince all of our family to move up here so we can implement it all!

Parenthood. Team Braverman. Check it out. :)

(images all obtained via a Google search)

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