Harry Potter

Last weekend Karl and I took 3 of my brother's kids to see Harry Potter 7! Maranda, Lydia and Alexander all had a great time, and we did as well. It was so nice to spend some time with the kids, and we know they don't get to go to the movies very often so it was fun to treat them to something they were really wanting to do.

I must say, this was my favorite of the Potter movies so far. And...I dare say I even liked this movie better than the book (blasphemy!)! I felt the final book had a lot of filler in it, and it focused on the camping for far too long which made the book drag on a bit. The movie moved along at a much better pace without sacrificing any of the storyline (at least, any of the storyline that I could remember since it's been a few years since I read the book).

And as usual, the visual effects were stunning as well. Can't wait to see the last one next year!

While we were at the movies (technically, our first "date" since Wyatt was born...can it be considered a date if you are there with 3 kids and you aren't even sitting by each other??), Wyatt stayed with my wonderful sister-in-law. It was his first time staying with someone other than us for an extended period of time, and he did great! It probably helps that Jill is such a natural with kids, but it's still a relief to know that Wyatt's not going to fall apart when I start leaving him at daycare next week. Le sniffle...

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