BSG exhibit at EMP

For Karl's birthday this year, we went downtown to the EMP to see the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) exhibit. We loved watching the BSG series (well, we thought the finale was a little weak, but other than that it was a stellar series!), so we were pretty excited to check this exhibit out!

It was pretty cool, although it was a bit smaller than either of us were expecting. The lighting was pretty dim inside, and use of a flash was prohibited so an awful lot of our pictures turned out blurry.

I was so hoping that they'd have a big Centurion)that we could pose by, but no such luck. Darn!

They did, however, have 3 full-size ship models which were pretty cool. They also had Caprica Six's hot red dress, President Roslin's suit and several other key outfits from the show. Lots of fun little artifacts from the show as well (Tigh's eye patch, the book of Pythia, the golden arrow, etc).

The thing that struck me about so many of the props (and so many of the props from the Sci-Fi Museum that we also visited) is how CHEAP they look! It's amazing that they can make something look so good and real on-screen but have it look so cheap and fake in real life!

Here are the rest of the BSG shots from that day (I'll have to put the Sci-Fi shots in a separate post). We had fun! And most importantly, the birthday boy himself loved it so that made it all worth it. :) Plus it made us want to re-watch the Battlestar series, so we've been slowly watching it on DVD these last few weeks.

So say we all...

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Anonymous said...

Big thumbs up on this visit to the BSG exhibit and the sci-fi museum! I did have a lot of fun. :o)