Fall wardrobe update

Remember this post? Well I thought I'd update it a bit. When Melissa was here a few weeks ago we stopped by Old Navy and I was able to check out a few of my wish list items in person.

This hoodie is a definite no-go. It was really heavy and the fit was awkward.

This sweater, however (which was accidentally left off my original list), was a big hit! So cozy, and it was on sale too.

Didn't try on any of the other Old Navy items, but I'm still eyeing that cable-knit cardi (which is out of stock online). I'm also thinking of finally jumping on the skinny jeans bandwagon. Maybe. If I get up the courage. :)

But now I must switch my focus to a back-to-work wardrobe. Despite my best efforts to pretend it isn't happening, I've only got 6 weeks until I re-enter the work force. And since I'm going back to a new job (more about that later), I'll need to dress up a bit more than I used to. So I need to be on the hunt for some good quality basics that can be dressed up nicely without breaking the bank too much. Feel free to pass along any suggestions to me!!

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