This past weekend, my friend Melissa came to visit us from Dallas! Melissa and I have been best friends for 27 years, so she's officially my longest-lasting relationship outside of family members who have been around since I was born. :) We only went to school together through the 3rd grade, but we've stayed close all these years. I love that she always makes an effort and comes up to visit me....even though I haven't been down to Dallas to see her since I moved to Seattle in 2003 (I suck, but not in a PsyRy way).

We had a great time! She got to meet Wyatt, we got pedicures, did a little shopping, did a lot of eating and did a lot of laughing. Just a quick little visit, but a fabulous one.

And just for fun, because I know it'll crack her up every time she looks at it...here's an outtake from our photo shoot. Can you tell I'm trying to tell Karl how to take the picture to make me look as flattering as possible? Yeah, that didn't work out so well. :)

Thanks for coming up here, Melissa!

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Angela said...

WOW! 27 years!! That's fabulous!
Looks like it was a great time :)