visual stimulation

We try and give Wyatt lots of opportunity for visual stimulation to help his brain grow big and strong and give him the best head start possible. A very common early stimulator is a black and white image. The high contrast of the black and white is very eye-catching and helps newborns learn how to focus on the foreground and background of images.

One way that we're working on this with Wyatt (besides the B&W drawings of hands on the walls of our living room) is with the book Art for Baby. It's a thick board book, so I can set it up on the floor next to the baby and he gets pretty darn mesmerized by it! I also usuall set up Sunshine the Lion beside the book , for some tickle time when we're done with the picture book.

Oh! You caught me, mama!

Other things that we do to try and help stimulate little man's interest are the pom poms above his bed, some brightly colored toys that we play with during tummy time and a few little stuffed animals perched on the dresser beside his changing pad. Just a few little things to try and start Wy-Wy out on the right foot. :)

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