I've wanted to learn how to knit for, ummm, ever (relatively speaking) and now I'm doing it! My friend Angi is teaching me, and it'll probably be slow going because we both have little ones so the first lesson was frequently interrupted for diaper changes, nursing, soothing and just general baby cuteness. That's okay though, because I'm learning how to knit!

(please excuse the dust, scratches and pet fur in this photo...just focus on the stitches!)

Now I need to pick up this book to help me remember everything. I foresee a trip to a used bookstore coming up!


Kate said...

Good luck! I used to knit to feel productive while I watched TV. Scarves are my speciality. ;) I'm sure you'll be doing your usual masterpieces soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping she will make some really cool looking sweaters, but I'm sure that is a good while off still.