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So remember when I said I was still going to grow a vegetable garden despite being pregnant?? Well I did, albeit on a smaller scale than last year. However the weather has worked against me this year. Seattle had the coldest and wettest spring on record this year, and that really stunted my tomato plants. Whereas last year I got buckets and buckets of tomatoes, including a giant two-hander, this year not a single one of my heirloom or large tomatoes have ripened yet and I've only gotten a little over a dozen cherry tomatoes. Curse you, aqua scum!! (movie reference: Finding Nemo)

So I planted 16 tomato plants, and they all are suffering from failure to thrive. Our heat wave started far too late in the year and was far too short to make much of a difference. I've got tons and tons of green tomatoes on the vine though, so I may try and ripen them up inside or make green tomato relish or something. I hear from family in California, Missouri and right here locally that everyone is struggling with their tomatoes this year though, so at least I'm not alone!

So far, this is the biggest tomato that I have on the vine. Weak sauce!

In other garden news, it's just overall not been a good year. Something (slugs, maybe?) ate all of my green beans before they had a chance to grow very tall, I didn't get our peas harvested before they went bitter (they ripened the same week that Wyatt was born...my priorities were elsewhere), I made the same mistake I've made in the past with lettuce and planted about 12 heads all at once (what exactly is one to do with 12 giant heads of lettuce that all come due for harvest at the exact same time??) and my broccoli all grew in tiny little florets instead of nice compact heads (anyone know what causes that??). All of my cauliflower looks like this:

And something's been chewing on my cabbage as well.

But on the bright side, we've gotten lots of zucchini!

And I've got at least one acorn squash that's looking good, too!

Ahh the joys of growing an organic garden and inconsistent weather. You win some and you lose some, but it's not going to stop me from going full speed ahead again next year! In fact, I've got ideas for how to better prepare for another cool spring/early summer and we've also got plans to build an awesome compost bin down in the garden as well. I love gardening, even when it's not that successful!

How about you out there...anyone having big successes or failures this year? Do tell!

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philnjill said...

We've harvested two green beans, about six strawberries and about 9 cherry tomatoes. Woot. Oh, and one anemic cucumber. Out of over 25 plants planted.