Flickr Faves Friday: quilts

It's no secret that I love handmade items, and handmade quilts are right there at the top of my list! Here are a few of my favorites that I've found and saved on Flickr (I don't know any of these quilters, I just love their work!):

1. Untitled, 2. Zig Zach quilt, 3. Show-Me Plain Spoken, 4. quilting single girl, 5. single girl quilt, 6. penguin quilt completed, 7. XOXO quilt, 8. Baby quilt , 9. 1946, 10. The Orchard, 11. IMG_3516, 12. quilt top: done!, 13. Lotus Patchwork Quilt - finished, 14. Eliza Quilt Coins, 15. little bear's quilt, 16. Oscar's baby clothes quilt

Just in case, you know, any of the quilters in my family were wondering what kind of patterns I'm drawn to.... :)

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