Wyatt, month 1

Dear Wyatt,

I wish I would have written this on your actual one-month birthday, because you've changed so much in the last two weeks that it's hard for me to separate out 1-mo-old Wyatt from 6-wk-old Wyatt! But I'll do my best, and try to keep this letter just to what went on during your first month.

You were born at 6:45pm on 7/11/10, on a sunny Seattle day. Well...I think it was sunny, but I'm not entirely sure because I was in labor and had my eyes closed during most of the day as I found that helped me concentrate on labor better. But it looked sunny from the pictures! Your birth story will come in a separate post though, so we'll move on to the days since then.

Those first few weeks are pretty much a blur to me now. They basically consisted of nursing, changing diapers, fussing and sleeping. You never left anyone's arms for more than a few minutes for most of the first two weeks, and most nights you slept on me while I laid on the couch in the office. We got a decent amount of sleep throughout the day, but it was in 1-2 hour increments so I mostly walked around feeling a bit like a zombie. A happy zombie, but a zombie nonetheless.

My emotions were on high alert during those first few weeks. If you cried for more than a few minutes, or if we couldn't figure out what to do to make you content again...cue the waterworks for me. But don't worry though, mama was soooooo happy that you were here and she wouldn't trade those emotional days for anything in the world. It's just that my hormones were still adjusting to being postpartum, and I could cry happy or sad or tired tears almost on command. Luckily those days have passed!

Your papa took two weeks off work to be with you and help me, and we just loved having him here. He's a diaper changing champ, and he cooked us a lot of meals during those first few days (we sure did eat a lot of eggs in a basket, since that's his specialty, but we loved it all the same). He also has a special knack for soothing you during those times when you and I were both getting too upset to be of much comfort to anyone.

Breastfeeding during that first month was a challenge, but was still very rewarding. It took 3 weeks or so before we really had it down, and BOY OH BOY was it painful when you'd latch on during those early days on the boob! I got to where I was dreading the passage of time because I knew we were speeding toward our next feeding. But then, like magic, we got it all figured out and now it doesn't hurt one bit. We had a 4-day period where I was VERY engorged and you were not interested in trying to latch on at all. Those were some loooooong nights, my love. You were clearly hungry but it was so difficult to latch that you'd just scream and scream. We eventually got through that, too, and now only have an occasional fussy time at the boob. I'm going to try and nurse you for at least 1 year, maybe more. Like all things in life, we're going to play it by ear and see what works best for us. I sure do love it when you get that super intense look on your face right as you are latching on and then you grunt and groan during the first few minutes of nursing because you're just so into it. Too cute!

We call you our little ginger baby because of your red hair. You are an active little dude, always kicking your legs and waving your arms. You busted out of a swaddle in no time flat, and we stopped putting you in the baby burrito after a few weeks because you were such a little Houdini at getting out of it. At your 4-week appointment with Dr. Beth you weighed 12.5 pounds and you were exceeding the 95th percentile in height, weight and head circumference. Karl likes to joke that you're going to be as big as Michael Clark Duncan from The Green Mile. We'll see about that!

Your papa and I love you so much, and we spend a lot of time exclaiming about how we can't believe we finally have a baby and how we think you're just the cutest little boy in the whole wide world. We can't wait to see how you continue to grow and develop over these next few months...but just don't grow up too fast, okay??

Here's a slideshow of your life so far. I'll keep updating it and including it in your monthly letters. There are some pictures of your birth, but nothing too graphic...we'll save those pictures for when you're older and we feel like embarrassing you in front of your friends. :)


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