Blue Steel

Here's Wyatt, rocking his version of Blue Steel. :)

We had a tough couple of nights a few days ago - lots of crying, lots of wanting to nurse but refusing to latch on, not a lot of sleeping and a lot of stress for me (my emotions are tied to Wyatt's so very closely these days!). It's so hard to have your son crying inconsolably like that and not be able to figure out the right moves to make him happy! Luckily Papa Bear has a magic touch and can get Wyatt to calm down when nothing else seems to work, so that made those crazy nights go just a smidgen better. I started tracking my diet to see if perhaps it was a food sensitivity causing the nighttime fussiness, but then the last 2 nights have been great (relatively speaking) and I didn't make any diet changes...so who knows what was going on with the little monkey. I sure do like the nights when he sleeps for 2-3 hour stretches and then nurses until he falls back asleep a lot better than the nights where it's all-fussy-all-the-time until 3am or so!

All in all though, Wyatt has been a pretty easy baby. It's hard work to have a newborn, but I'm finding that it's not quite as difficult as what I was expecting. I haven't gotten to the point where I can get much done during the day yet, but I'm fine with that for a while longer. My job right now is to take care of the little man...everything else can wait a bit. :)

A week ago, at his 2-week checkup, he weighed 11.5 lbs and exceeded the 95th percentile in all categories (head circumference, length and weight). Our pediatrician kept saying "Are you sure this baby is only 2 weeks old??!" LOL!

And for Julie...see, he does keep his legs folded up every once in a while! Usually it's when we're trying to change his diaper and it's really inconvenient to finish up with his legs all curled up like that. Now his arms, those are another matter...those are almost never curled up.

Happy Birthday to Grandma Barb today! We can't wait for you to meet Wyatt, and we hope that the flights work out for this weekend!


Ipod said...

I love baby picture, can never get enough of them. Cute pics by the way.

Amy said...

i just caught up on all the posts and pics! some of the pics just make my heart melt. :) he is starting to look just like his daddy!

shontasia said...

he beautiful! check me out!