WTF, Toyota?!

Have to vent for a second...

Got a letter in the mail today from Toyota stating that certain 2001 through 2003 Rav4s (mine is a 2002) may exhibit a harsh shift condition and/or malfunction indicator light that would require a replacement of the Engine Control Module and that as a result, they've enhanced the warranty coverage for this specific condition.

Then the letter says "Should you experience this condition any Toyota dealer will inspect the vehicle to verify the condition. If the condition is verified, the dealer will repair your vehicle at no charge by replacing the Engine Control Module... Please note that this coverage is for warranty work performed at an authorized Toyota dealer only."

You see, THIS EXACT PROBLEM HAPPENED TO MY CAR A MONTH AGO. I didn't have the work done at the dealer, I had it done at a transmission shop. Had to replace my Engine Control Module. It cost me $1,400 as well as a lot of grief because I was less than a week from my due date when everything went down and then I had to blow through $1,400 of the money that we'd been diligently saving for my long maternity leave. I. Was. Stressed (to say the least).

Now I find out that one freaking month later Toyota decides to cover this under warranty, but only if you have the work done at an authorized Toyota dealer?? If you've already paid for this replacement, as we have, you can send in all sorts of documentation for "reimbursement consideration".

Umm, listen up Toyota...you'd better do more than just CONSIDER reimbursing me for this! We're a Toyota family through and through, and I hope you do right by us...

Okay, vent over (for now).

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